June 5

Dear K1C Parents

I hope this blog finds you all well.

This is my final Friday blog for you all.  I will certainly send some pictures of the last few days at school but this will officially be the last blog this school year.

This week in K1C we have been talking about our year together, what we have learned, what we enjoyed, and the friends we made. We visited all of the K2 classrooms to get a feel of what next year might be like and recognized that there are many connections across K1 and K2. After visiting the K2C classroom today the feeling of excitement about next year is palpable, although we recognize that feeling nervous is ok too.

We will meet with Hannah, Jack, and Ms. Jacqui on zooms next week and despite the distance, we remain connected. We will be sending home memories next week and hope that in years to come it will raise a smile.

Here are some pictures of our visit to K2C today.


  • Practicing crossing the midline by making horizontal figure 8s and new hand games.
  • Playing number games on zoom with Ms. Jacqui
  • Building, building, building – my engineers never tire of building.
  • Assembly on zoom and playing Kahoot with the entire elementary school.
  • Visiting K2 and finding out what life after K1 might be like.
  • Filling our positive pom-pom jar because we have shown so many acts of kindness – so on Monday, we get to celebrate with a water balloon toss, popcorn, and a movie!


  • The last day of school is next Wednesday, June 10th.12:00pm is pick up for all students and lunch will not be provided.
  • If you have any overdue library books please return them.

May 29

Hi K1C Families,

The kids and I are finding it weird to be already counting down to the end of the year, but we are down to 8 days! Here are some highlights from the week:

  • We had all hands helping to create and bring our dragon, Fire Breather, and his story to life.
  • Outside play – we were so excited to get a turn on the small playground and get down and dirty in the mud kitchen.
  • Sebi shared his book, RescueBots, that he wrote at home.
  • Our shape investigation had us looking at the world around us to see shapes in “regular” items in our world.
  • Counting by tally marks – we went on a toad hunt to see how many toads were in the WHOLE school – we found so many other interesting creatures on the journey.
  • On Thursday, we had a birthday celebration for Sayuri. Happy 5th birthday Sayuri!
  • Number recognition – we are learning one parent’s phone number and how to dial it.
  • The Grand Walk – we cheered on the grade 12, 2020 graduates of UNIS


  • ALL Library books were due today Friday, May 29th, please bring in any that are still at home.
  • Friday, June 5th is Moving Up Day. All K1 students will go to see and spend some time in K2 classrooms with K2 teachers.
  • Show and Tell – If your child would like to bring something to show the class they can do it on any or all days next week.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Your partners in learning,

Ms. Lindsey & Ms. Hien

May 22

Dear Families in K1C,

It seems funny to write that we are settling in, but it’s true. The children in K1C have done a great job this week of solidifying the new routines that we’ve established for the remainder of the year. With a few short weeks left until summer break they have rallied to the challenge of change. They have also done well with needing to spend hours inside as the heat index has risen.

This week we returned to our ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry. The children have created a story about a dragon called Fire Breather. This story will come to life in different ways next week in music and art class. Be on the lookout for the original K1C story on Seesaw.

Highlights From The Week:

  • Discovering cicadas on the playground and building on our knowledge of their life cycle
  • Collaborating as a class on the creation of our dragon named, Fire Breather, and his epic story
  • Creating individual clay models of curious creatures
  • Playing games to help develop our self-regulation skills – see this article for more information
  • Moving every morning with the PE team for Wellness Week
  • Laughing, playing and enjoying each other’s company



ALL Library books must be returned by next Friday, May 29th.

If you have chosen the school lunch option for your child please look through the menu with them as most of the children only want to eat the dessert and not the other options. We encourage healthy choices in K1 and are trying to help them eat balanced meals.

Enjoy some photos here.

Enjoy a restful weekend.

Your partners in learning,
Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Hien

Friday May 15

Hi Families-

It’s been a busy week in K1C! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Linking to the unit ‘Who We Are’ by reconnecting with our friends, we talked about what we did during Distance Learning, and met with Ms. Jacqui on zoom!
  • Our new K1C friend, Sayuri told us all about where she came from in NY. She also likes to draw and play with beads. We are so happy she is here with us in K1C.
  • Book week – we read ALOT of books this week and kept track on the Read-O-Meter. How many books did we read? Elias estimated that we read 1 million kajillion, and Lukas estimated 44 – I think it was somewhere in the middle.
  • One of the books we read reminded us how to share, Llama llama Learns to Share
  • Drawing monsters on our own and with friends
  • Virtual Assembly was fun to see our friends near and far
  • We practiced staying safe and playing with our masks on when we are close to each other 
  • Lukas turned 5 on Thursday! Happy Birthday, Lukas!
  • Practiced deep breathing and calming our bodies through yoga

Here are some pictures of us in action this week.


  • Please ensure your child has sufficient snack for the entire day.
  • Please make sure your child has a SPARE FACE MASK and a HAT at all times.

Friday January 17

Hi Families-

It’s been a busy week in K1! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Linking to the unit ‘How the world works’ we had a visit from Ms. Tao, a local potter, whose family has been working in clay for 250 years! The children all made a pot which will be coming home as soon as they are dry. I will post photos to Seesaw this week.
  • We voted unanimously to try a different format for show and tell. Mystery Show and Tell is off to a great start. Thank you for your patience while we worked this out.
  • In Vietnamese class the children made Banh chung.
  • Ms Hien made spring rolls with the children in cooking.
  • We visited the 4th grade Market day and helped support the many charities that UNIS is involved with.
  • Our buddies came to visit with the board games they created for the last unit and we made rat hats to celebrate the year of the rat.
  • The children continue to be interested in ice and water. They have been making colored water and dropping treasure in the trays.
  • Our potions lab has seen a few new potions to help put out fires in Australia. The children are concerned about the animals.
  • Yuya turned 5 on Thursday!
  • On a sad note we have had to say good-bye to Emily. Her family is relocating but we have heard she will be back for K2!

Photos for week 18.

Dates to Remember

  • Report cards released Tuesday, January 21
  • Parent Teacher Conferences Wednesday January 22 No School for Students
  • Tet Assembly Thursday January 23 Parents welcome to attend 9:25 in the Auditorium. Please send your child to school in traditional Vietnamese dress if possible.
  • No School Friday January 24
  • School resumes Monday February 3

Friday January 10

Friday January 10

I am excited to be back and welcoming in 2020 with all of you. I hope your holidays were wonderful! The children appeared happy to be back with friends and settled easily into our routines. We have been a small group this week. Luy, Hannah P, Hannah S and Emily are not back yet and we are eagerly waiting for their return and to be together again as a whole class.

This week has been spent sharing our holiday adventures and re-establishing our routines. We met our new PE teacher, Ms. Claire, who has returned from her maternity leave. The children will miss Mr. Micah but will still get to see him as he is working in K2 now with Ms. Penny.

The children are still loving the potions lab. Before they start to create their potion, they now need to identify a problem and how their potion will solve it. Then they need to tell us why it is important and what ingredients they used.

Some of the children wanted to make their own strategy ring to use at home. The strategy ring is a tool we use in our classroom when we encounter problems with our friends.

Thank you for your patience regarding show and tell. Today we started to put together a list of ideas. We have a little way to go yet as I try to get them to clarify their thinking but I have faith that next week show and tell will rise from the ashes new and better than before!

Week 17 photos


Thank you for remember to send in a hat with your child. They did a great job today keeping them on their heads and making sure to bring them back to the classroom.

Grade 4 Market day: Tuesday, January 14. We will visit this special market organized by Grade 4 to raise funds for various charities that the school supports. Children will be able to purchase food, drinks, and other items. It would be great if you could send your child in with 100,000 VND.

January 21st– Reports cards sent to parents

Parent Teacher Conferences: January 22nd. 8am-4pm There will be no school on this day for students.

January 23rd Tet assembly and last day of school before break

January 24-31st Tet Holiday

February 3rd Monday: School re-opens

Friday December 13

Dear Parents

Thank you for your patience and understanding about last weeks TIn Tuc. The Aristocrats was a big success and I loved getting to be part of it and helping out our music teacher Ms. Liz. I can’t believe we have come to the end of our first semester and that I won’t see the children until January! I am going to miss them very much.  We have been talking about ways to stay connected while we are far apart. Sebi suggested face time. If you would like to set up face time phone calls or Skype calls please let me know. I would love to stay in touch with the children anyway possible.

This week we celebrated Cyrus turning 5 and welcomed several mystery readers! Thank you to Ben and Allison, Asia and Giles, Mimi’s grandma and Anh, Edens mom, who all bravely read to a group of 4 year olds! Well done.

We continue to look at materials and their properties . This week I showed the children three different materials, plastic fabric and wood.  I asked them what they noticed about them and where did they come from. I then asked them;

  • Which one would be good for a rainy day? Why? Can you draw a picture of something that would keep me dry?
  • Which one would be good for building a house? Why? Can you draw a house for me to live in?
  • Which one would be good for making clothing? Why? Can draw you draw  an outfit for me?

On Tuesday we talked about about how we were going to be apart for awhile. We took our peg people and a world map and talked about where we were traveling to during the break. I  wondered if we could make a potion in the potion lab that would keep us connected and help me with my missing feeling.

We made gingerbread cookies in cooking and said goodbye to Luy who is off to Australia for the break and to welcome a new baby brother!

On Wednesday, Ms M invited K1 C to meet her friend Gingerella who came to school on a special bike and shared a story with the children about how she helps finds missing shoes. We also welcomed Jack’s mom and dad, Asia and Giles, who read two wonderfully funny books and gave us some yummy Christmas cookies.

On Thursday we had a buddy dance party in the canteen. We played with syringes and test tubes on the water table and Simones mom and dad, Ben and Allison came in and read a book in Vietnamese and a book that Simone wrote called Momo and Leo. We just loved it.

On Friday we had only ten children and, even though we couldn’t go outside because of the AQI, we enjoyed spending our last day together. I look forward to seeing everyone back here on Monday, January 6th, 2020! I am off to New York to see my husband, Jim, and my dog, BIlly. You are welcome to contact me and let me know if the kids want to talk to me!

Here are pictures from the week. Enjoy!


Friday November 28



Hi Families-

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip to the high school science lab that I posted on Seesaw this week. Scientist Carly and her high school assistants loved having the children in the lab and have already invited us back for another visit.

Thank you to Jon (Sebi’s dad), Vi (Luy’s mom) and Zeynel (Cyrus’ dad) for coming in and reading to the children. Mystery reader is a big hit and we hope to welcome every single one of you at least once.

We have been fortunate to have our ECERP teacher, Ms, Ngoc, here all week. We have been exploring the properties of materials and if they can be changed. We started off by looking at a rock, a rubber band and plasticine.The children wanted to bring these items home to share with you after we finished talking about them. I hope they were able to talk about some of their thinking with you.

I did a visual note taking workshop a couple of weeks ago and I have decided to get the kids involved! I am teaching them how to make simple icons and pictures and they each have their own sketch notebooks now.

I am sending home a brown bag with a note. Please make sure to get it out of your child’s backpack and read the instructions.

Show and tell this week will be to bring in something made of wood.

Lastly, I would like to request that you send in a change of warm clothes for the children. With the weather cooling off we need to make sure that if they need to change they have something warm to change into.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week 15 photos

Friday November 22

I’d like to start off this week’s blog with a big thank you to everyone who made it to our classroom on Tuesday. I loved having the opportunity to share with you a window into how your child spends their days.

Our potions lab is about to have its grand opening and I was hoping you could start saving jars with lids and sending them in. I have a few ready to go but I know we will go through them quickly.

Ms Hien and I have noticed an increase in the number of toys coming to school in backpacks. The children have been good about not bringing them into the classroom but they are taking them out on the playground and some are getting lost and going home with the wrong child. Please can you encourage your child to keep their toys at home and Ms Hien and I will do the same.

The children started making patterns by using unifix cubes with a partner. We talked about the strategies they used to work as a team. As we start our inquiry into how the world works we are cracking open the words and ideas surrounding our new central idea “we are thinkers, explorers and problem solvers.” We are practicing the habits of scientist by looking closely, and making observations about what we are seeing.

The children have earned 100 kindness ribbons-Yippee! We celebrated with a special package delivery of red head scarves because we are kindness friends and we want everyone to know that we can change the world with kindness!

Thank you for the many wonderful gifts on Wednesday. Ms Hien and I felt loved and appreciated!

Enjoy photos from Week 14.https://photos.app.goo.gl/q3f4MXZmZ4jphxdV8


  1. For ‘Show and Tell’ – please bring an item that we can add to the maker space.  Following on from ‘This is not a box’ we would like to encourage the children to think imaginatively about how to re-purpose materials and where the items came from/what they started life as.

Friday November 15

This week was a short one for the children and we spent two of the days inside for the entire time. The children did a great job going with the flow and understanding that things had to change a little so that we could keep them safe. We spent some time visiting our other K1 classrooms and got to use the gym to get our wiggles out. Thursday things were back to our normal routine which was welcomed by me and the children.

We had snack sale on Wednesday. For future snack sales please be aware that while it is an opportunity for the children to get a special treat it does not replace the need for a snack from home. Several children did not have a home snack.  A sugar cookie and a small cup of popcorn is not enough to get them through to lunch. To continue on the lunch topic there are many children who are barely eating the hot lunch provided even with Ms. Hien and I encouraging them.  I worry that they are hungry. Just like us they don’t like everything that is served every day of the week. I know some of you worry that if you provide too much in the morning snack, they won’t eat the hot lunch but I am more concerned that they have some sustenance to get them through the long day. It could be some extra nuts, fruit or a small sandwich that way if they absolutely don’t want to eat what’s on offer for the hot lunch then I have an option to give them.

We have moved the maker space into the atelier to make room for a science lab to support our new unit of inquiry “how the world works”. The central idea we will be examining will be “we are critical thinkers, explorers and problem solvers.”

For many of your children the maker space is their favorite place to spend their time. They are really starting to plan and think about what they want to make and how they want to do it. I can barely get them to let me keep anything at school. They are so proud of what they are creating and want to take it home to share with you. Please take the time to ask them about their inventions. Some questions I like to ask them are;

  • Where did you get your idea from?
  • Were you inspired by something you saw?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it do?
  • Did you bump into any problems?
  • How did you solve them?
  • Would you change anything next time you made this invention?

Please be sensitive about calling it trash or rubbish in front of your child. Try to see it for what it is which is your child showing their creativity, solving problems, figuring things out and making their ideas come to life.  Remember we are happy to take back any items and reuse them once your child is ready to let their invention go.

We had a wonderful assembly this week. The children were proud to show off their understanding of connection and to share our connection flag with the ES. I will be posting the video to Seesaw for those of you who could not attend.

This week in cooking we made scones and we also finished our class agreements which are now hanging by our classroom door.

Week 13 photos


Tuesday November 19-Open classrooms. Parents welcome to join our class from 10:35 to 12:00. Please let me know if you will be able to join us so that I can support children whose parents are unable to attend.

Show and Tell- Please have your child bring your favorite book. It does not have to be in English