Friday January 10

Friday January 10

I am excited to be back and welcoming in 2020 with all of you. I hope your holidays were wonderful! The children appeared happy to be back with friends and settled easily into our routines. We have been a small group this week. Luy, Hannah P, Hannah S and Emily are not back yet and we are eagerly waiting for their return and to be together again as a whole class.

This week has been spent sharing our holiday adventures and re-establishing our routines. We met our new PE teacher, Ms. Claire, who has returned from her maternity leave. The children will miss Mr. Micah but will still get to see him as he is working in K2 now with Ms. Penny.

The children are still loving the potions lab. Before they start to create their potion, they now need to identify a problem and how their potion will solve it. Then they need to tell us why it is important and what ingredients they used.

Some of the children wanted to make their own strategy ring to use at home. The strategy ring is a tool we use in our classroom when we encounter problems with our friends.

Thank you for your patience regarding show and tell. Today we started to put together a list of ideas. We have a little way to go yet as I try to get them to clarify their thinking but I have faith that next week show and tell will rise from the ashes new and better than before!

Week 17 photos


Thank you for remember to send in a hat with your child. They did a great job today keeping them on their heads and making sure to bring them back to the classroom.

Grade 4 Market day: Tuesday, January 14. We will visit this special market organized by Grade 4 to raise funds for various charities that the school supports. Children will be able to purchase food, drinks, and other items. It would be great if you could send your child in with 100,000 VND.

January 21st– Reports cards sent to parents

Parent Teacher Conferences: January 22nd. 8am-4pm There will be no school on this day for students.

January 23rd Tet assembly and last day of school before break

January 24-31st Tet Holiday

February 3rd Monday: School re-opens

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