Friday November 28



Hi Families-

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip to the high school science lab that I posted on Seesaw this week. Scientist Carly and her high school assistants loved having the children in the lab and have already invited us back for another visit.

Thank you to Jon (Sebi’s dad), Vi (Luy’s mom) and Zeynel (Cyrus’ dad) for coming in and reading to the children. Mystery reader is a big hit and we hope to welcome every single one of you at least once.

We have been fortunate to have our ECERP teacher, Ms, Ngoc, here all week. We have been exploring the properties of materials and if they can be changed. We started off by looking at a rock, a rubber band and plasticine.The children wanted to bring these items home to share with you after we finished talking about them. I hope they were able to talk about some of their thinking with you.

I did a visual note taking workshop a couple of weeks ago and I have decided to get the kids involved! I am teaching them how to make simple icons and pictures and they each have their own sketch notebooks now.

I am sending home a brown bag with a note. Please make sure to get it out of your child’s backpack and read the instructions.

Show and tell this week will be to bring in something made of wood.

Lastly, I would like to request that you send in a change of warm clothes for the children. With the weather cooling off we need to make sure that if they need to change they have something warm to change into.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week 15 photos

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