Friday November 22

I’d like to start off this week’s blog with a big thank you to everyone who made it to our classroom on Tuesday. I loved having the opportunity to share with you a window into how your child spends their days.

Our potions lab is about to have its grand opening and I was hoping you could start saving jars with lids and sending them in. I have a few ready to go but I know we will go through them quickly.

Ms Hien and I have noticed an increase in the number of toys coming to school in backpacks. The children have been good about not bringing them into the classroom but they are taking them out on the playground and some are getting lost and going home with the wrong child. Please can you encourage your child to keep their toys at home and Ms Hien and I will do the same.

The children started making patterns by using unifix cubes with a partner. We talked about the strategies they used to work as a team. As we start our inquiry into how the world works we are cracking open the words and ideas surrounding our new central idea “we are thinkers, explorers and problem solvers.” We are practicing the habits of scientist by looking closely, and making observations about what we are seeing.

The children have earned 100 kindness ribbons-Yippee! We celebrated with a special package delivery of red head scarves because we are kindness friends and we want everyone to know that we can change the world with kindness!

Thank you for the many wonderful gifts on Wednesday. Ms Hien and I felt loved and appreciated!

Enjoy photos from Week 14.


  1. For ‘Show and Tell’ – please bring an item that we can add to the maker space.  Following on from ‘This is not a box’ we would like to encourage the children to think imaginatively about how to re-purpose materials and where the items came from/what they started life as.
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