Friday November 15

This week was a short one for the children and we spent two of the days inside for the entire time. The children did a great job going with the flow and understanding that things had to change a little so that we could keep them safe. We spent some time visiting our other K1 classrooms and got to use the gym to get our wiggles out. Thursday things were back to our normal routine which was welcomed by me and the children.

We had snack sale on Wednesday. For future snack sales please be aware that while it is an opportunity for the children to get a special treat it does not replace the need for a snack from home. Several children did not have a home snack.  A sugar cookie and a small cup of popcorn is not enough to get them through to lunch. To continue on the lunch topic there are many children who are barely eating the hot lunch provided even with Ms. Hien and I encouraging them.  I worry that they are hungry. Just like us they don’t like everything that is served every day of the week. I know some of you worry that if you provide too much in the morning snack, they won’t eat the hot lunch but I am more concerned that they have some sustenance to get them through the long day. It could be some extra nuts, fruit or a small sandwich that way if they absolutely don’t want to eat what’s on offer for the hot lunch then I have an option to give them.

We have moved the maker space into the atelier to make room for a science lab to support our new unit of inquiry “how the world works”. The central idea we will be examining will be “we are critical thinkers, explorers and problem solvers.”

For many of your children the maker space is their favorite place to spend their time. They are really starting to plan and think about what they want to make and how they want to do it. I can barely get them to let me keep anything at school. They are so proud of what they are creating and want to take it home to share with you. Please take the time to ask them about their inventions. Some questions I like to ask them are;

  • Where did you get your idea from?
  • Were you inspired by something you saw?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it do?
  • Did you bump into any problems?
  • How did you solve them?
  • Would you change anything next time you made this invention?

Please be sensitive about calling it trash or rubbish in front of your child. Try to see it for what it is which is your child showing their creativity, solving problems, figuring things out and making their ideas come to life.  Remember we are happy to take back any items and reuse them once your child is ready to let their invention go.

We had a wonderful assembly this week. The children were proud to show off their understanding of connection and to share our connection flag with the ES. I will be posting the video to Seesaw for those of you who could not attend.

This week in cooking we made scones and we also finished our class agreements which are now hanging by our classroom door.

Week 13 photos


Tuesday November 19-Open classrooms. Parents welcome to join our class from 10:35 to 12:00. Please let me know if you will be able to join us so that I can support children whose parents are unable to attend.

Show and Tell- Please have your child bring your favorite book. It does not have to be in English

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