Friday November 8th

We have had another great week of learning and fun. On Monday we explored a new material called plasticine. We will be using plasticine a lot this year as a way to tell stories and show our understanding of big ideas we are exploring in K1. Here are some of the things the children noticed about plasticine as we passed it around the class:

Eden: “It smells like vanilla.”

Lukas: “It smells like chocolate.”

Elias: “It’s hard.”

Cyrus: “It’s hard and it looks blue.”

The children spent the morning learning how to manipulate this new material. Hannah showed her friends how to make it smaller by pushing down hard on a corner with her thumb. She also found out that if she twisted it really hard, she could make two pieces. Here is a conversation between the children:

Sebi: “If we connect our clay together it will be so cool.”

Simone: “We can make a clay city!”

Mimi: “We can connect Sebi’s and mine and yours together. How about we make our own and connect them?”

Sebi: “And then they will be enormous!”

On Monday we also practiced counting collections with a partner. The children were given a collection of items of varying quantities and asked to figure out how many they had.

On Tuesday we walked to the Maker space to visit Mr. C, our technology coach. We will be working closely with him during this next unit as we look at what it means to be an explorer and a problem solver. The children had an introduction to “makedo” cardboard tools and to coding with “bebots”.

On Wednesday we had a playdough crisis! Over night it had gone moldy. An said ” Ms. Jacqui the playdough is dead!” We decided to make some more right away and it turned into an authentic math inquiry as we portioned out our ingredients, voted on the color we should use and tallied up the results. Blue was the color that won!

On Wednesday the children made delicious cheese pizza with Ms. Hien. The children were able to tell me all the ingredients as we sat together and ate the pizza!

On Thursday the ECC playground was turned into an outdoor classroom with lots of new sensory opportunities. We had water trays, water beads, parachutes and bubbles. First graders came and joined in the fun and it was great to see the playground full of happy, busy children.

Please enjoy the photos from Week 12.


Monday 11th November- No School for students -PD for staff

Wednesday 13th November -Snack Sale- – Please send your child with 20,000 VND

Thursday 14th November-9:25-10:15. K1B/C Assembly- We will be on the stage but will not be singing or performing. Instead our classes will present their learning throughout our first unit of inquiry via a short movie. Please join us if you are available.

Tuesday 19th November-Open Classrooms. K1C will have an open session from 10:35 -12:00. It is important to let me know if you will be unable to attend so that I can support your child accordingly. Unfortunately canteen lunch will be unavailable to parents on this day but you are welcome to purchase sandwiches and/or coffee at the coffee shop.


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