Friday 13th December

Dear K1B Parents

Wow!  What an amazing week we have had.  Despite the high AQI we have managed to still have fun within the walls of our classroom.  Credit should go to the children for managing to deal with our purple days.  It is something we have been talking about quite often.

We moved away from water somewhat this week and worked on some personal, social and emotional development issues.  K1B are caring individuals but sometimes need gentle reminders about this.

We had ‘Mystery Reader’ with Teo’s Dad James on Wednesday.  He read a Clifford book about a fire.  The children enjoyed the story which was read in both English and Korean.  Teo was very happy to see his Daddy and this event continues to be a highlight of our week.  Thank you, James, for taking the time to come in.

Gingerella visited us on her bike.  Gingerella (Geralda De Vos) is a Belgian artist who has collected single shoes from around Hanoi, created ceramics, artworks and also written a story about a lost shoe.  The children were super excited to see our visitor arriving by bicycle with her strange array of odd shoes.  The story was a lot of fun and the children were talking about Gingerella afterward.  So if you spot any lost shoes over the holiday don’t forget to mention Gingerella.

On Thursday we invited children from Middle School over to demonstrate the skills they have been learning in ‘The Babysitters Club’.  The ‘Babysitters Club’ is an i-Block, an exploratory unit that allows students to investigate a new area of learning.  The Middle Schoolers organised a traffic safety class, a slime making class and also a teddy bear clinic.  K1B had the greatest time and enjoyed all of the activities hugely.  The slime was a BIG hit.  I apologise for any slime that may have appeared on clothes.  It was super stretchy!

We also had our ‘Buddies’ from 3C visit.  They came over and enjoyed a last meet with K1B before the holidays.  The children are developing relationships and it was great to hear conversations between the young friends at play.

On Friday we had our ‘free flow’ session.  To complete the last day of school before the break we organised a small party to say farewell with a few party games.  It was a great last day.

Here are just a few photographs of the week.

Please have a safe break.  Enjoy these special moments with your little people they disappear way too quickly.  Today when we were painting snowflakes with wax crayons and painting over the top, I asked Giang why she thought the paint was not appearing on the waxed part of the paper?  Quite simply she said, “because they aren’t friends Ms. M”.  These magical quotes disappear too fast, so enjoy them and why not write them down?

Something has been lost – Udam has a t-shirt and shorts (grey) that have vanished from his cubby outside.  Please, can you check that you do not have them in error?  Thank you.

Have a happy holiday and do send me one photograph of your break so that we can talk about our holidays when we return to school on Monday 6th January.

Do remember if ever you are worried about something please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards and best wishes for 2020.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu

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