Friday 6th December

Dear K1B Parents

As we move into the last week of school it is hard to believe that our journey together only began in August.  K1B is a caring community that is learning to problem-solve independently.  This week a child was very tired in the morning and we talked about why he might be tired.  Afterward, I asked the children what we could do in order to solve this problem – two friends recommended an earlier night!  Please do not underestimate your very own K1 problem solver they are capable of great things.

This week we ventured deeper into our unit of inquiry ‘How The World Works’.  Water has been a recurrent theme and I introduced a few new books and provocations to spark interest a little more.  Transferring water using syringes, funnels, bottles, and jars has been a special favourite.  We have read ‘A Cool Drink of Water’ by Barbara Kerley.  The children were especially interested in one photograph and found it strange that a person would drink dirty water.  With this in mind, we organised a trip to the science laboratory so that we could become scientists.  We watched an experiment involving water and also looked at different samples of water that we had collected.  The mud kitchen, the pond in the ECC and a special sample collected from ‘West Lake’.  Looking at these samples under the microscope proved to be very interesting – we could see a worm in the pond water and West Lake had lots of creatures to spot too.

We have sorted our treasure bags and are working on naming the materials that each item is made of.  If you still have a treasure bag at home or have not yet collected treasure for us please find time over the weekend to do this.

‘Mystery Reader’.  We had a last-minute change so thank you to Sheri for stepping in.  The children loved the pigeon book that she read and Anderson was of course delighted and also very surprised to see his Mum.  Please lookout for a google doc soon which has dates for next year on it.  Please go ahead and add your name to the document so that you might surprise us too.  Don’t be shy the children would love it.

Fire Drill – during our accreditation week the children responded well to this fire drill.  We left the building calmly and quietly and the children all waited patiently for the all-clear.  I was very proud of our K1B class who were not at all phased by this experience.  A few months ago this could create anxiety in a couple of the children, not anymore.


Friday 13th December will the last day of school this year.  The school will restart on Monday 6th January.

Please remember to change your spare clothes – it is slightly cooler now.

Show & Tell – objects made of metal or plastic.

Enjoy the photographs with your child over the weekend.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


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