Friday 29th November

Dear K1B Parents

This week the children had lots to do as we explored, water, colour and pattern.  ‘How The World Works’ is a unit in which we encourage the children to be curious and to recognise change first-hand.  This has certainly been happening whilst watching our seeds sprout, flowers change colour and how water behaves in different environments.  The idea of water is something that the children seem particularly interested in.  From Udam in September feeling in the blue zone because he watched a friend wasting water at the sandpit to the children being mesmerised by how coloured water behaves when mixed with oil.

We made ice-packs and considered the outcomes that might occur when different materials and liquids were frozen.  These worked out surprisingly well so if you need a new ice-pack for bumps ask your child what’s the best way to make one.  Just water seemed the most popular although washing up liquid because it smelled like vanilla ice cream came a close second.

Our buddies visited on Thursday and we played ‘This is not a stick’ this time encouraging the children in small groups to come up with an idea for their stick and using maker-space materials to change it.  A great opportunity for conversations between K1B and 3C and evidence of confidence and team-building skills.  3C pushed the ideas of K1B to another dimension and it will be interesting to observe if any of the skills or ideas are embraced by ‘The Brilliant B’s’.

‘Mystery Reader’ this week was Heejung, Udam’s Mum.  He was super happy to see his Mum arrive.  Heejung read “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle a super book with actions.  The children were lucky enough to listen to it in Korean and English.  Thank you Heejung for coming in.

I want to personally thank you all for your kindness whilst I have been away.  Ms. Thu has been super.  I looked at all of the photographs and wished I had been around because it looked a lot of fun.  I also received a beautiful bunch of flowers which was so generous of you all.  Thank you!


Treasure Bags – thank you for returning these.  If you still have one at home please return it by Tuesday so that we can sort the objects into different materials.

Show and Tell – could you ask your children to hunt around the home for something that is wooden.

It’s Getting Cooler – please check your spare clothes, as the weather becomes a little cooler your child may need long sleeves/cardigan/jumper in their spare clothes bag too.

Please enjoy these photographs with your child.  Have a super weekend.

With kindest regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


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