Friday 22nd November

Dear K1B Parents

The weeks are rocketing by in K1B.  It is difficult to believe that the winter break is only 3 weeks away.

This week has been a great week in K1B as we not only grow as a community but grow some seeds too.  The children have had fun watching their beans sprout, it has been a race to see who has the tallest bean.  Our strawberries and mint are growing well outside too.  I asked the children to think about how we might grow seeds without soil and am waiting for their answers on Monday.

We enjoyed a visit from many of you on Tuesday,  ‘Open Classroom Day’.  It was super to have you into K1B to experience learning beside your child.  As you know we offer a play-based approach at UNIS and the children are very comfortable within this environment, challenging themselves in different ways with the materials and provocations.  I hope you all enjoyed watching ‘my brilliant b’s’ and please if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.  Here is a separate link for the photographs from ‘Open Classroom‘.

On Wednesday we finally made it to the ‘Maker Space’ with Big C.  The children loved it and are becoming accustomed to the process of working without using glue.  The work produced here will not be sent home but dismantled so that we can re-use the make-do screws and cardboard.  The beebots were also a big hit;  playing with the beebots is in actual fact the beginning of coding.

Thank you to Priya who was our ‘Mystery Reader’ this week.  The children love guessing who it might be and Rishabh was quick to spot that it could not be his Mum because she did it a couple of weeks ago.  Thank you Priya for joining us we appreciate you giving up your precious time.

We celebrated birthdays too;  Kwazii and Harriet both turn 5 in the coming days.  Baking a cake and sharing it together builds our community and I especially appreciate the fact that all children have the same cake.  The children enjoy the routine of selecting which flavour cake to make and which icing we shall have.  K1B are now responsible for making the birthday crowns too, their stencilling skills have improved hugely.  The next step will be to create our cake recipe and method so that the children can complete this task unsupervised!

Thank you once again from Ms. Thu and I for all the fabulous gifts on Teachers’ Day, your generosity was so very thoughtful.  We were totally spoilt.


  1.  For ‘Show and Tell’ – please bring an item that we can add to the maker space.  Following on from ‘This is not a stick’ we would like to encourage the children to think imaginatively about how to re-purpose materials and where the items came from/what they started life as.
  2. Treasure Bags – please try to fill the very small treasure bag with interesting items over the weekend and send them in on Monday.

Please enjoy some additional photographs from the week with your child.

With kindest regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu

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