Friday 18th October

Dear K1B Parents

I hope you all had a wonderful break.  Thank you for sending the photographs, rubbish and swimming kits back to school on Monday.  I think the reminders from our Class Parents really helped, thank you Sheri and Na.

This week we have been learning about SDG’s.  The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

It has been interesting to listen to the children reflect on what we have been learning about and witness their independent thinking as the week progressed.  We enjoyed a free flow on Tuesday between Discovery and K1.  Each room represented a different SDG.  Gender Equality, Responsible Consumption and Production, Quality Education.  In our classroom we looked at Life Below Water.  On Tuesday we found our classroom in a big mess which prompted lots of cleaning up.  We are still working on what to do with the rubbish “make something new”, said Anderson or “recycle it”, said Teo.  Let’s see where we go with this idea.  The children also experienced an oil spill during the free flow on Tuesday cleaning feathers and looking at the differences before and after the oil.

Our ‘Mystery Reader’ this week was Anderson’s Grandma who read a wonderful book about a pumpkin called ‘The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin’ by Joe Troiano.  The children enjoyed Anderson’s favourite book.  These are very special moments that I am grateful you have all wanted to be a part of.  They build our community and absolutely delight the children.

We also celebrated another friend turning 5, Anderson.  A fabulous chocolate cake was made by the children and gobbled up very quickly on Thursday after we had played a few games for Anderson’s birthday.

We enjoyed Buddies on Thursday when our 3C friends came over and we began to paint our special fish.  More about the fish next week.

Ms Lan-Anh a teacher from one of our Vietnamese partnership schools joined us all week.  She is a teacher at Sai Dong Kindergarten, I have visited her in her school too.  UNIS offers this program to just a handful of schools.   The children enjoyed having her around.

UN Day Monday – important information for K1

  • children should come to school already wearing their national dress.
  • drop off your community lunch contributions in the ECC Gym before the assembly (make sure your tupperware/container is labelled.
  • be seated in the Sports Centre by 11am.
  • after the assembly, meet your child back at our classroom for lunch and dismissal – please do not take your children from the Sports Centre, nor pull them out of the class line walking back to the ECC.
  • each child will be marked off as they are picked up from the classroom. Let Ms. M or Ms. Thu know if you are taking your child home, or if s/he is taking the bus.
  • once you collect your child from the classroom s/he is under your care – please help your child with lunch and supervise on the playground.
  • dismissal is at 1pm.  Children going home on the bus should be brought back to the classroom at 12:50.  Thank you!


  • Final swimming sessions next week.
  • Thursday 31st October: Dress up day – more details will be shared in the Tin Tuc.
  • Show and tell will start the last week of October.  Please see details in next week’s blog.
  • Jaxon has lost his PE shirt please check that you don’t accidentally have this at home.  It is labelled.  Many thanks.
  • We are working on zero waste during our snack times.

Please enjoy these photographs with your child over the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying this cooler weather.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 4th October

Dear K1B Parents

Thank you so much for coming into school on Monday to take part in our ‘Learning Conversations’.  I hope you found the meetings useful, I thought it was a great opportunity for you to hear what your child would like to achieve this school year.  Please remember if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

The children are beginning to grasp the meaning of ‘connection’ and have also spotted that their names have some similarities.  We shall continue this inquiry after the break.

Many of you will be travelling during the break.  Please travel safely.  I would appreciate it if you could remember to email me a photograph from your holiday.  These will be used in a presentation after the break.  It would also be very helpful if you could collect any maps you might see/use over the holidays for us.  These maps might assist us in connecting to our environment.  Be warned only send maps you do not want back!

Please also send a photograph of your child as a baby (under 1 please).  This will be useful for our K1B book.

After the holidays we shall be straight into SDG week.  With this in mind please can I ask you to save any green/white/clear plastic bags you might have and also bottle tops, beer caps and also plastic bottles.  It would be amazing to have these on the first day back so that we can set up a provocation on Tuesday for the children linked to SDG 14:  Life Below Water.  Discovery and K1 plan to have a free-flow morning allowing the children to take a learning walk through some of the SDG’s.  This will be the first time some of the children are exposed to SDG’s at UNIS.

This week our ‘Mystery Reader’ was Grace, Siho’s Sister who did a great job reading the children ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ an also ‘Dear Zoo’.  Grace is in Grade 4.  Thank you Grace for giving up your time to come into K1B.

Dates for your diary:-

  • Today is the last day of school.
  • Monday 14th October first day back at school.
  • Monday 14th until Friday 18th October – SDG Week at UNIS please do your best to send litterless snacks.
  • UN Day – Monday 21st October – please see the Tin Tuc for full details about whole school activities, Assembly and pot luck lunch.  Dress in their own national/cultural costume or adopt the national dress of the flag they are carrying, or adopt the national/cultural costume of a country to which they feel a special affinity through family, friends or having lived there, or create a unique outfit to reflect their cultural identity through a blending of cultural attires from multiple home countries and/or places where they have grown up (eg. blending a Japanese Kimono with an Indian Sari).  NOTE: Fun and Fancy Dress costumes or national football shirts are not appropriate.

Here are some photographs from our week, please enjoy these with your child.

Have a super break and thank you for assisting with my ‘wish list’.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu

Friday 27th September

Dear K1B Parents

The ‘Brilliant B’s’ have been super busy this week.

We have started our swimming sessions, the children thoroughly enjoyed hunting for treasure with Mr. Martin in the small pool.  Swimming is a strenuous activity and afterwards, we noticed how hungry the children were.  Please on a swimming day do send a slightly larger snack.

We also made a birthday cake for Rishabh and celebrated him turning 5.  Neha, his Mum also brough in some yummy treats for the children to share.  It was great fun making Rishabh’s cake and the new chocolate birthday cake was a big hit.

K1B have also been writing their names.  Last week we used salt and coloured inks to write our names and this week we used unifix cubes to build our names.  We also visited our ‘Buddies’ in 3C and shared some books and also played in their fantastic playground.  Working with older children in this peered learning situation s valuable to K1B because it allows for confidence to develop and also enables the children to interact with other children from our community thus making a new connection in the world of UNIS.

“Mystery Reader’ has also been going well.  Last week Jaxon’s Granpa visited and this week it was the turn of Suzu’s Mum, Haruko.  She read a book in Japanese and the children were all fascinated by the illustrations in the book and enjoyed the story very much.  Thank you Haruko for taking the time to come in, Suzu loved it.

I know that I have not been around but I understand from Ms. Thu that things have gone really well and that the children have had a great time.

Our Class Reps have been busy connecting you all and I understand that a WhatsApp group is now up and running.  Fabulous!  If you want to be a part of our K1B Community do send your telephone number to either Sheri ( or Na ( so that you don’t miss anything.

Please enjoy the attached photographs with your child over the weekend.


  • Please note that the school is closed on Monday because we shall be holding our ‘Learning Conversations’.  I look forward to meeting you and your child then.
  • Last day of school will be Friday 4th October.

Enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 20th September

Dear K1B Parents

We have continued to learn about ”Who We Are’. I have mentioned before that belonging and having a sense of connection to others and the environment is a key idea in K1.

Where do you belong I asked?  “We belong on planet earth”, one K1B member told me.  Through exercises such as what belongs where? Building homes and reading stories including ‘Beegu’ the children are beginning to connect this idea to things and people around them.  Our 3C Buddies meeting this week gave us an opportunity to recognise another connection within our school.  We revisited the word community and held a huge buddy drawing session, which gave us a chance to draw with our buddies side by side.  On Friday we had free-flow with our friends across K1, again we created a chart to see who connected with who.  It is interesting to watch how the children are developing relationships not just in our classroom but across the year group and throughout the school.

Some fantastic news.  We have a Class Parent – well actually two.  Na (Elena’s Mum) and Sheri (Anderson’s Mum) have agreed to share the job which is perfect.  Thank you so much.


  • If your child is absent please remember to fill in Veracross.  Thank you!
  • An email about SWIMMING has been sent to you separately.  Please read this because SWIIMMING starts on Monday.  Any questions regarding the swimming classes should be directed to Martin Hamilton our Acquatics Academy Manager on
  • Ms. M will be out of the classroom next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Ms. Joh will be covering this personal leave along with Ms. Thu.
  • On Monday 30th September – ‘Learning Conversations’ will take place. Please see the Tiin Tuc to sign up.  This is a new format and you need to bring your child to our meeting.  We shall talk about the goals that your child has set for their learning this year and you will also share your hopes for the year ahead.  Please think about this ahead of time.  Elementary School will be closed on this day.
  • Last day of school Friday 4th October.
  • Finally, please make sure your child is fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the photographs.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 13th September

Dear K1B Parents

It has been a short week.

The children have been busy learning about ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’.  This is called Tet Trung Thu in Vietnamese.  We made fresh playdough to make mooncakes, dragons and painted masks.  A visit from our Vietnamese teacher gave us all a chance to see some Lion heads up close.  A  dragon parade was suggested which proved to be fun.  The children also visited their first snack sale, which was a big treat.

I have been out of the classroom since Tuesday on a Maths course.  It has been very interesting and is an extremely positive training to have had at the beginning of the school year, helping to inform assessment and recognise more about the way your children develop their maths sense.

The children had an amazing Assembly and enjoyed songs, dancing and an explanation of Tet Trung Thu that they loved.

I am still looking for somebody to fulfill the role of K1B Classroom Parent if you are interested in stepping up to this position, not a lot of work, relaying messages mainly, please let me know.

Here is the link for the ‘Mystery Reader’ schedule.  I have taken the liberty of adding your names to the document in the requested time slot.  This week Jaxon’s Grandpa will be our surprise visitor.  If the dates do not suit you please let me know or fill in one of the blank spots.  If you have not signed up for ‘Mystery Reader’ please do so.


  • Please note that Parent Teacher Conferences will happen on Monday 30th September – see Tin Tuc for more details.
  • Please do not send toys to school.
  • It is important that when the bell rings at 0810 you leave the playground so that your child is able to begin his/her school day.

Here are some photographs from the week, please enjoy them with your child.

With best wishes.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu




Friday 6th September

Dear K1B Parents

Firstly thank you so much for making time to attend our ‘Back To School Night’ last night.  The turn out was excellent and I hope some of your questions have been answered.  It was great to have you in the classroom and the children were super excited about your creations.

It has been a short week and we have filled it to the brim.  The children are continuing to explore the ideas of ‘Belonging’ and have shown lots of interest in houses/homes, who lives in them and what goes in them.  Houses/homes link neatly to our UOI (Unit of Inquiry) and I am excited about the connections that the children are beginning to make.

Fire drill went well on Tuesday and the children were all supportive of each other.  It was wonderful to watch friends holding hands to offer comfort when somebody was feeling a little unsure.

Assembly on Thursday was super and included a story about an invisible bucket that needs to be filled daily.  Ask your children about the bucket and the bucket dipper and see what they can remember.

We also visited the ducklings, all seven of them.  We fed and watered the 11 day old birds and the children were delighted to hear the tiny cheeps.  Following this, we went to see the fish and koi kept in the school pond.  The ‘Brilliant B’s’ had a great time.

Next week I will be on a compulsory course at school (Tuesday-Thursday) and a substitute teacher will cover my absence.  Ms. Thu will be in class as usual.

Important Dates:-

Wednesday 11th September – Snack Sale.  Please send your child with 20,000 VND so that they are able to buy a snack at our sale that raises money for the SCO.

Thursday 12th September – Moon Festival Assembly.  If your child would like to dress up for our special assembly that would be fabulous.

Friday 13th September – School Closed.  Please note that Friday is a whole school PD (Professional Development) day and school will be CLOSED.

I have been asked on a number of occasions about school menus so here is the link for the lunches at school.  I hope you find this useful.

Here is the presentation that I used last night should you be interested to view it again.

I have also included here information on sleeping for young children.

Finally, the best bit(!) here are some photographs of the week, your children in action.  Please do take some time to share these with your child.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu

Friday 30th August

Dear K1B Parents

Wow what a week.  It’s flown by.

We have been having fun talking about our families.  Our family photo frames have been completed and we have used an old bicycle wheel to make our birthday mobile.  It’s beautiful.  The children concentrated for long periods of time on weaving the ribbon in and out of the spokes.  Great job ‘Brilliant B’s’.

The children are very interested in writing and have been making books.  Originally K1B  stapled paper together but we wanted to find a way to use less paper.  One child suggested turning the paper over and using both sides.  We then tried something new, a carefully folded A4 sheet of paper with a cut in a special place.  We were able to spot shapes in this as we folded. We also used dry flowers and beans to make our emotion picture frames.  This activity was something that carried on throughout the week.  Repeating activities allows for a child’s confidence to develop and an opportunity to experiment with materials in many different ways.  We had some amazing outcomes.  We also made our homes using shapes and counted how many people lived inside.

The word family offers many meanings, we reflected on what it meant.  Anderson said, “It means I love my family.”  Harriet said, “It means they take care of each other.”  Udam said, “Mummy, Daddy, Brothers, Sisters and dog or cat.”  The concept of family is something that we shall continue to explore.  It’s been really fun so far.

On Thursday our Buddies joined us from 3C.  This created much excitement as the children were introduced to each other.  3C loved being in our classroom and we loved having them.  This is the beginning of our journey together and we are looking forward to getting to know each other over the next school year.

Here are some photographs that you can look at with your child over the weekend.  Enjoy them.

A few reminders:-


As part of our inquiry into ‘Who we are,’ we are building a strong sense of community in the Early Childhood Centre (ECC).  As part of our learning, we will join the other K1 and Discovery classes in common outdoor playtime in the mornings, starting at 8:10.  This is instructional time and an important part of the day for strengthening relationships, helping students transition from home to school for the day, and learning through play. We ask your help to ensure that all students arrive by 8:10 in the morning.  Parents who drop off, please give your children a positive but definitive goodbye when the bell rings at 8:10.  Please explain to your children that the bell is a signal for you to say goodbye, and we will reinforce this idea with the children as well. Thank you so much for your support.

Fire Drill will take place on Tuesday at 0900.  Your children are aware that this will happen.

Back to School Night – Thursday 5th September.  First session 1800-1830.  Second session 1835-1905.  Specialist Teacher information 1800-1930 in Ly Thai To Learning Centre.  Above canteen.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu



Friday 23rd August

Dear K1B Parents

This week we are beginning to settle into a rhythm of school life.  There are fewer tears and more smiles.  Not even the rain has darkened our mood in K1B.

We have now met all of our specialist teachers and enjoyed our lessons in new environments with relative ease.  It has been fun to also join other friends in the ECC during playtimes, making new connections and renewing some old ones too.

The children found a snail in the garden on Tuesday morning break and then a second one at lunchtime.  These were watched carefully for a few hours.  Pictures were drawn and the children discussed what we should do with the snails.  “Put them in the dark”, “Keep them in the garden”, were some of the answers.  A unanimous decision was made to put the snails back outside so that they could enjoy the garden.  A very good choice.

In keeping with our first unit of inquiry ‘Who We Are’ we looked at portraits and drew ourselves.  We have listened to ‘You Can Tell How I Feel’ a great feelings song that offers children the words to express the emotion that they are feeling.  Interestingly, when asked how the children were feeling in the pictures that they had drawn the consistent answer was happy.  The children gave me different reasons why they were happy, one classmate said that he was happy because he went to UNIS.  This area will be investigated further and we shall be using the family photographs that you have sent in to discover more about ‘Who We Are’.  If you still haven’t sent a family picture to me do try to do it over the weekend.  Thank you.

We also baked a cake to share for our three birthdays in August.  This is something that the children will be doing each month in order to celebrate our birthdays together.

We have noticed an increase in toys being sent into school.  Please remember that at the moment we are not doing ‘show and tell’ and would prefer toys to be left at home.  If they do arrive at school your child will be asked to pack them away for the day.

Here are some photographs of what we have been up to this week.  I hope you have time to enjoy them with your children over the weekend.  I have also added portraits of the children.  See if you can play a guessing game, asking your child to name everybody in our class?


Wednesday 28th August – Photo Day, please remember to send your child to school in photo clothes.  We have PE, but on this occasion, please leave the PE kit off.

Monday 2nd September – School will be CLOSED due to a public holiday.

Thursday 5th September – Back To School Night @ 1800.  More details to follow.

One final thing, please do ask your child if they would like more snacks.  Ms. Thu and I have noticed that despite having fruit in the afternoon the children are sometimes hungry.  Perhaps another snack would be beneficial.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. M and Ms Thu


Friday 16th August


Dear K1B Parents

This week the children have been busy getting to know each other and exploring their new environment.  It takes time to build relationships but it is wonderful to watch K1B, or the ‘Brilliant B’s’ as I like to refer to them making connections with their peers.   As teachers, this phase should not be rushed and Ms. Thu and I are enjoying getting to know each of your children.  It is a special time.  We have been working on classroom routines, which include greeting each other, tidying up and also washing hands. This week the children have especially enjoyed playing with blocks, crafting, investigating the light and shadow room and listening to stories.  These have included ‘Beegu’, ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Princess and The Presents’.

Please click on this link to find some photographs from the week, they give you a glimpse of some of the things we have been doing in K1B.  It would be wonderful if you could sit with your child and look through these together.  Perhaps you could make it a regular feature of your weekend?

I would like to start ‘Mystery Reader’ in our classroom.  This is when a parent, grandparent of somebody special to the child surprises them to read a favourite book.  It is a great way to include you all in a classroom activity regularly.    Reading in your mother tongue is also key to this special event.  Children appreciate the diversity within our class when a parent reads in a language that is new to them.  Let’s talk about this idea at the ‘Back 2 School Night’ which will take place on Thursday, September 5th at 1800.

On another note, we have one child in our class who has a peanut allergy.  For this reason, it is important that our classroom is a PEANUT FREE ZONE.  Thank you!

Please also remember to send in a family photograph if you have not already done so.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu