Week 9: October 19th – 23rd

Dear families,

Welcome back from Autumn Break! We hope you had a wonderful time. It was lovely to see photos and hear stories of all of the children’s holiday adventures! K1 is getting back into the swing of our routines and reconnecting with friends in all three classes.

K1 enjoyed another mostly sunny week! This allowed us some beautiful long stretches of outdoor play all together. K1B also welcomed our new friend Sophia. We are so happy to have you join us!

This week we had our first Lockdown Drill. The students followed instructions and did a great job practicing for a lockdown. 

Halloween is quickly approaching! We will be celebrating with a Dress up Day on Friday, October 30th. More information about this date, including costume guidelines, will be in this week’s Tin Tuc. 


  • Making cookies in the ECC kitchen
  • Making toys in our Makerspace
  • Exploring shadows outside
  • Learning about the Zones of Regulation to help us manage our big feelings
  • Sharing our holiday photos
  • Welcoming Sophia to K1B!


  • Our swimming unit in PE is now finished. Please send children to school in PE clothes on our PE days
  • November 9th – 13th – SDG Week 
  • November 13th – UN Day
  • November 16th-  PD Day, No school for  students 

Photos of the week here.

Have a lovely weekend!
Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang

Week 8: October 5th – 9th

Dear Parents,

It’s been a lovely calm week in the ECC and we have enjoyed such beautiful weather. We have spent as much time outside as we can, allowing the children to move freely inside and out, and sharing our eating times with our K1A and K1C friends. Ms. Jacqui, Ms. Kristen and I love seeing friendships forming between children in the different classrooms. All of these shared experiences and activities are ways we are encouraging our children to explore the transdisciplinary theme ‘Who we are’ with the central idea: ‘We know we belong and have a sense of connection to others and the environment.’ The children are beginning to understand that we belong together in K1.

Makers Space – Thank you for all your contributions to our Maker Space – we are well-stocked with recyclable materials for our crafting projects. Thank you for your support! The children have been very excited to get creative and make their own toys. 

Hot Lunches – Our hot lunch service has commenced and the children are getting used to a new lunchtime routine, setting the table, passing out cutlery and trying new foods. K1B students have been enjoying having hot lunches. 

Speech & Language Screenings – Mr. Brian completed the K1 speech and language screenings this week.  He has already contacted parents of students who need follow up.  He will be sharing the screening information with the K1 team after the break. Mr. Brian will screen students who were absent or not yet at school in January.

Autumn Break – I hope you have a lovely holiday! K1B students have been very interested in the Earth and maps this past week. If you are traveling this holiday, it might be nice to share the route you will be traveling with your child. Perhaps they can draw a map to your destination!

If you have a meaningful photo from your holiday that your child would like to share with the class, please email it to me before Tuesday, October 20th 

Zoom Mystery Reader – we will be launching Zoom Mystery Reader after our holiday. We would love to have you read a story to our class. Please find more information and the sign up sheet here.

Finally, thank you to our classroom parents, Lina and Saloni, for arranging a chance for all of you to meet up. I hope you had a wonderful time!

Please find our photos of the week here.


  • Opening our Makers Space
  • Cooking banana cake 
  • Investigating maps and the Earth through books and dramatic play
  • Exploring marine animals through sensory and dramatic play


  • October 12-18 October Break-school resumes Monday October 19 
  • October 30 ES Dress Up Day
  • November 9-13 SDG Week
  • November 13 UN Day, Early Dismissal 1pm

Have a lovely holiday!

Ms.Lucy & Ms. Hang



Week 7: September 28th – October 2nd

Dear families,

It has been an eventful week in K1! 

On Wednesday we celebrated our Moon Festival, with traditional Vietnamese treats that are served for Mid-Autumn festival: mooncakes, young sticky rice, persimmon as well as grapefruit and bananas. 

It was so wonderful having the opportunity to connect with you around your child’s learning during our conferences on Thursday. 

Hot lunches will be served on Monday! It would be helpful if you could talk with your child about what is being served, and if you are uncertain if your child will like the lunch could please send your child with an extra snack.


  • Making mooncakes in Vietnamese class.
  • Finishing our “Color Mixing Book” and recording our voices to share it with you.
  • Having lots of exciting water play outside on a sunny afternoon
  • Open Classroom time with K1A and K1C
  • Finishing our color-mixing self portraits


  • October 12-18 October Break
  • November 13 UN Day

Please find our photos of the week HERE.

Have a lovely weekend!
– Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang

Week 6: September 21 – 25th

Dear families,

It has been an eventful week in K1!

This week we saw the beginning of the swimming unit in PE, which was majorly exciting for our lovely students. Swimming will continue until October 23rd. 

On Monday we celebrated the International Day of Peace together as a Discovery and K1 community. We all gathered together in our lovely Arts Building and enjoyed a story read by the D/K1 teachers – “I am Peace,” by Susan Verde. After, Ms. Kris led the group in some calming yoga. K1B then reflected on what makes us feel peaceful. The children’s drawings and comments can be found in this week’s photos.

On Thursday we celebrated our Moon Festival. It was such a treat to see all of K1 in their beautiful ao dais! The students enjoyed sharing their ao dais with their friends and watching the performances through a livestream. The best part of the morning was seeing the dragon dance through our ECC playground! 


  • Gathering as a D/K1 group for International Day of Peace celebrations
  • Watching the dragon dance during our Moon Festival 
  • Painting traditional bamboo masks to celebrate the Moon Festival 
  • Making pizza in cooking time
  • Creating our own Color Mixing Book to document our learning
  • Noticing our tadpole has grown 2 legs!
  • Beginning our classroom jobs
  • Celebrating our first birthday in K1B! Happy birthday, Willa!


  • Thursday October 1 Learning Conferences – No school for Students
  • October 12-18 October Break
  • November 13th – UN Day

  • Please find our photos of the week here. Have a lovely weekend!
    – Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang

Week 5: September 14th – 18th

Dear families,

It’s hard to believe it is the end of Week 5! The last few weeks of learning and growing have flown by.

Our first unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “Who we are,” will have the children exploring the central idea that: ‘Children know they belong and have a sense of connection to others and the environment.‘ We continue to look for opportunities to open the K1 classrooms and give the children agency to move from one room to another and to play with and make connections with many different friends and teachers. The children have started asking, “when can we play with K1A and K1C?” which is wonderful to hear. We also have added lots of the children’s artwork to the walls and windows of our classroom, to help give them a sense of ownership of the space.

We look forward to celebrating the International Day of Peace and the Moon Festival next week.  On Thursday we will have a Moon Festival assembly at the school.  Please send your children to school wearing an Ao Dai on Thursday. 

Does your family celebrate the Moon Festival or another Mid Autumn Festival?  Please let us know if you have any photos, stories, crafts, songs or other information to share.

Below is the email you should have received from Ms. Clare regarding swimming.

Dear Families,


Next week our swimming unit begins and will run for 4 weeks, finishing on 23rd October. This will take place in PE lessons for all lower Elementary classes (Discovery, K1, K2, and Grade 1)


When your child has PE, please send them to school with a named swimming bag, inside a towel, goggles, swimming costume, and a cap if you have a child with long hair. Please make sure all these items are named. 


Please see the swimming blog for detailed information about our swimming program and expectations. 


If you need to order any swimwear from our school shop:A list of products sold at the shop is found here. Please either email Phuong: shop@unishanoi.org for the items you would like.

If you have any questions about our upcoming swimming unit, please feel free to email me.


Kind Regards,

Ms Clare (calbertson@unishanoi.org)



  • We welcomed Aanav and Ciera to K1B!
  • We celebrated Dot Day by making dot hats and digital dots on our iPads
  • We made books – we are authors and illustrators!!
  • We tinkered with our water play area in our back garden
  • Reflected on our friendships and depicted them in artwork, and then presented them to our friends in K1C
  • We began our self-portrait project by painting our canvases
  • Made mango smoothies during our cooking time
  • We finished our beautiful transparent butterfly artwork
  • Painted salt dough mooncakes


  • Monday September 21 International Day of Peace- Please wear blue or white on Monday
  • Monday September 21 Swimming Starts
  • Thursday September 24 Moon Festival
  • Thursday October 1 Learning Conferences – No school for Students
  • October 12-18 October Break
  • November 13th – UN Da 



    Please find our photos of the week HERE.
    Have a wonderful weekend together!

    Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang

Week 4 – September 7th – 11th

Dear K1 Families, 

It has been another great week in K1B! The children have been investigating color mixing through playdough, paint and water play. We’ve discovered that red and yellow make orange, and yellow and blue make green. We also have been learning about butterflies and have created a poster together of all the things we know about them. We also discovered we have tadpoles in our pond on the playground, and have collected one to observe as it grows into a frog! 

Highlights of the week:

  • We saw some beautiful smiles on Photo Day!
  • We did an experiment using glitter to represent dirt and germs. This gave kids a chance to see how dirt and “germs” respond to soap.
  • Baking delicious apple muffins in the ECC kitchen
  • Making mooncakes in preparation for the Moon Festival
  • Decorating our first initials with paint mixed with shaving cream
  • Learning lots about butterflies and making them out of coffee filters and clothes pins
  • Enjoying lots of K1 open classroom time
  • Painting colorful lanterns with liquid water colors

Photos of the week!


  • Please remember to bring a hat to school for our outdoor playtime. 
  • Please remember to have your child wear their PE kit on Mondays and Wednesdays and if your child has long hair please have them put their hair up on those days as well. 
  • K1’s swimming unit will start September 21st
  • Children are encouraged to wear ao dai for our Moon Festival day

Upcoming Calendar Dates to make note of: 

  • September 24: Moon Festival 9:25am
  • September 25: Parent Coffee Morning with Admin
  • October 1: Parent Teacher Conferences


We hope you have a lovely weekend! 

Warm regards,
Ms Lucy & Ms Hang

Week 3: Aug 31st – September 4th

Dear families,

It has been another eventful week in K1B! We have all settled into routines nicely and are deepening our relationships with each other and our spaces. We’ve been having lots of wonderful open classroom time and enjoying our morning snack outside with all of K1. It has been a delight to watch friendships blossom between the classes as we build a sense of community in K1.

Highlights of the week:

  • Baking delicious passionfruit cookies in the ECC kitchen
  • Making colorful rice for our sensory station
  • Decorating our classroom with our family art displays
  • Exploring color mixing through making playdough and tissue paper art
  • Using our new keyboard to experiment with typing on the projector
  • Playing “scientist” and pretending to be doctors


  • School picture day is Wednesday, September 9th. Please pack PE clothes in your child’s backpack – we will change in our PE clothes after we take the photos.
  • Please remember to bring a hat to school for our outdoor playtime.
  • Look out for an email invitation to join Seesaw, our online learning journal. Please contact our tech innovation coach if you need any support setting up your account.(wclark@unishanoi.org) Returning families that have already connected to Seesaw will not receive this email.
  • Our swimming unit in PE will begin in a few weeks, more details to follow soon.

Please find our photos from the week here.

Have a lovely weekend together.

Best regards,

Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang

Our 2nd Week of School


Dear K1B Parents,

We continue to have a lovely start to the K1 year!  It has been such a pleasure getting to know your children this week.  The children seemed to feel very comfortable at school and enjoyed playing with each other.  The block, kitchen, water and playdough areas were particularly busy this week.  The children are learning to get themselves ready for snack, outdoor play and lunch.  Washing hands, wearing masks and getting hats and water bottles for outdoor play are all the students’ responsibilities and they have taken on these tasks very quickly.  We are also learning to greet each other with smiles and a pleasant “good morning” to start the day.

Please help your children prepare for the school day by ensuring they have hats, full water bottles, and two snacks each day.


  • Playing with our friends in K1A and K1 C during open classroom time
  • Meeting our counselor Ms. Kris
  • Our first assembly on Zoom and listening to the story “We don’t eat our Classmates”by Ryan T Higgins.
  • Our first evacuation drill-the ECC did the best out of the whole school!
  • Visiting our Vietnamese classrooms for the first time
  • Meeting our new classmate to Xinya on Zoom
  • Making playdough


  • No School- Wednesday September 2nd in celebration of Vietnamese National Day
  • Please send in or email family photos if you haven’t done so already
  • Please write your “hopes and dreams” for your child on the ribbon sent home today – this is for our classroom display.

Here are photos from our week together.  I hope you find some time to look at them together with your child. Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang

First Week in K1B

Dear K1B families,
What a wonderful week we have had together at school! Your children have shown ​bravery​ as they were risk takers coming back to school, ​resilience​ as they adapt to social distancing and masks and ​cooperation​ as they make new friends and get to know their classmates and teachers!

Here are a few photos of our first week together. Please look over them together with your child and discuss the exciting happenings of the week!

Our first Unit of Inquiry is all about Who We Are. If you haven’t already, could you please send in or email a family photo for us to display in our classroom? We will be asking the children to share who lives at their house and tell us a little bit of information about them.

On Thursday, August 27th, we will be hosting a virtual Back to School Night. More details to follow soon.

Articulation and Language screenings
UNIS’ speech-language pathologist, Brian Walker, will begin the start of year speech and language screenings next week. This is a very quick look at your child’s ability to say sounds clearly, describe some things with short sentences and follow some simple directions. If you child has some challenges, Brian will reach out to you in a few weeks.
If your child is in the distance learning or bridge program, Brian will screen your child when they return to campus.If Brian worked with your child last year in Discovery, he/she will also be screened with therapy resuming by the end of September.

A gentle reminder to complete the google form K1B intake survey if you haven’t already done so. Thanks!

Today we would like to introduce our specialist and support teachers that your children will come into contact with over the year.

Ms Kris – School Counselor

Hello families! This is my third year at UNIS where I work with students, teachers and families in Discovery to Grade 3. I love coming into the classroom to teach lessons about feelings, getting along, calmness and solving problems. I am always here to help children and their families as they navigate growing up. I look forward to seeing all students in person or on Zoom throughout the year.

Ms Emma – Art ​ehamilton@unishanoi.org

Greetings. This is my 5th year here at UNIS where I teach art from Discovery to Grade 2. Ms. Trang is our art teaching assistant and your children will also meet her during art lessons.
Art is my passion both at school and at home, where I will often be found in my studio (well garage) creating and making. I am originally from the UK where I taught for several years before teaching in Malawi, Dubai and now Vietnam. The UNIS Early Year’s art curriculum is structured to deepen your child’s interest and passion for making and creating as well as develop their artistic skills and knowledge. I am very excited about the year ahead and am really looking forward to seeing the new and innovative creations I know your children will be making.

I am always available for any questions or queries and I look forward to reconnecting with my students from last year as well as meeting all the new students and families.

Ms Liz – Music ​ewolden@unishanoi.org

I am originally from the United States and have worked in schools in Egypt, Myanmar, India, UAE and now am in my second year at UNIS working in the ECC. Music is a language that all children can access and enjoy and I look forward to singing, saying, moving and playing with your children this year! In my free time I enjoy playing the piano and spending time with my beautiful cat, Chipsy.

Ms. Dung- Vietnamese ​- ​tkdung@unishanoi.org

Xin chào. My name is Dung and I come from Vietnam. UNIS has held a very special place in my heart as I have been teaching Vietnamese at UNIS for quite a long time. The Vietnamese program at ECC is designed to help students to explore different aspects of Vietnamese culture and to build up appreciation and

respect for the host country culture and language. In my free time I enjoy reading books and spending time with my family and friends. I am very excited about the year ahead and I am looking forward to meeting all the new and returning students and families.

Ms Clare – PE ​calbertson@unishanoi.org

Kia Ora everyone! I am Clare Albertson and this is my 6th year teaching PE at UNIS Hanoi. I started my teaching career in my home country, New Zealand as a Kindergarten homeroom teacher, then moved to PE when I joined the International School of London before coming to UNIS. In my spare time I love exploring and hanging out with my 2 boys, reading, cooking and of course playing Sport! The ECC PE program is based around the philosophy of a Love for Movement. Myself and Mr Quang have a lot of exciting things in store for this year and we are really looking forward to moving through it together! Please reach out if you have any questions now, or throughout the year.

Mr C – Information Technology Coach ​wclark@unishanoi.org

Hi everybody! Big C here!! I CANNOT WAIT to get this year started! We have so many wonderful opportunities to create with technology at UNIS Hanoi! But maybe I should back up a bit…

My name is William Clark (also known as “Big C”). This is my 2nd year as the ES Technology Coach at UNIS Hanoi, a role I truly love with all my heart! I have been a technology coach for the last 8 years. Prior to coming to Hanoi, I worked at an IB school in Dubai, GEMS World Academy. Before becoming a technology coach, I was a Grade 5 teacher for 3 years and a Grade 4 teacher for 1 year. I was also an English teacher in South Korea for 3 years.

My passion is technology, more specifically…what can be created with technology. Whether we are in the classroom or in our ES Makerspace, creativity with technology is certain at UNIS Hanoi and I feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of it all!

Ms Monica – Librarian ​eslibrarian@unishanoi.org

I am Monica Mayer and this is my third year at UNIS, Hanoi. I have been involved in Education for more than 30 years mainly in the fields of Literacy and Boys’ Education. I have worked previously in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore before coming to Vietnam.

In my spare time I love to go bushwalking along as many tracks as I can find, usually with my youngest son, Will who loves the

outdoors as much as me. I also really enjoy yoga and of course exploring Vietnamese culture whenever I get a chance. I have two grown up sons – Michael and Will and my husband teaches Grade 4 at UNIS.

At UNIS, I look after the Library and thoroughly enjoy our elementary students and families visiting and borrowing each week. The Library always seems to me to be the heart of any school and I welcome every family to come and visit us and browse our beautiful collection of books. There is always something for everyone!

Mr Brian – Speech and Language Teacher bwalker@unishanoi.org

I am Brian Walker, and this is my second year at UNIS. I have been a speech-language pathologist for 25 years. Vietnam is the fifth country I have lived and worked in outside of my home country of the United States.

I had a great summer traveling through Vietnam ​and gaining a greater appreciation for the Vietnamese people, their diverse culture and language.

Returning students will already know me from being in their classrooms and seeing me on the playground during recess. I had fun seeing everyone back on campus this week!

Have a lovely weekend together and please feel free to email me with any questions.


Best Regards,

Ms. Lucy & Ms. Hang