Friday 16th August


Dear K1B Parents

This week the children have been busy getting to know each other and exploring their new environment.  It takes time to build relationships but it is wonderful to watch K1B, or the ‘Brilliant B’s’ as I like to refer to them making connections with their peers.   As teachers, this phase should not be rushed and Ms. Thu and I are enjoying getting to know each of your children.  It is a special time.  We have been working on classroom routines, which include greeting each other, tidying up and also washing hands. This week the children have especially enjoyed playing with blocks, crafting, investigating the light and shadow room and listening to stories.  These have included ‘Beegu’, ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Princess and The Presents’.

Please click on this link to find some photographs from the week, they give you a glimpse of some of the things we have been doing in K1B.  It would be wonderful if you could sit with your child and look through these together.  Perhaps you could make it a regular feature of your weekend?

I would like to start ‘Mystery Reader’ in our classroom.  This is when a parent, grandparent of somebody special to the child surprises them to read a favourite book.  It is a great way to include you all in a classroom activity regularly.    Reading in your mother tongue is also key to this special event.  Children appreciate the diversity within our class when a parent reads in a language that is new to them.  Let’s talk about this idea at the ‘Back 2 School Night’ which will take place on Thursday, September 5th at 1800.

On another note, we have one child in our class who has a peanut allergy.  For this reason, it is important that our classroom is a PEANUT FREE ZONE.  Thank you!

Please also remember to send in a family photograph if you have not already done so.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu