Friday 13th December

Dear K1B Parents

Wow!  What an amazing week we have had.  Despite the high AQI we have managed to still have fun within the walls of our classroom.  Credit should go to the children for managing to deal with our purple days.  It is something we have been talking about quite often.

We moved away from water somewhat this week and worked on some personal, social and emotional development issues.  K1B are caring individuals but sometimes need gentle reminders about this.

We had ‘Mystery Reader’ with Teo’s Dad James on Wednesday.  He read a Clifford book about a fire.  The children enjoyed the story which was read in both English and Korean.  Teo was very happy to see his Daddy and this event continues to be a highlight of our week.  Thank you, James, for taking the time to come in.

Gingerella visited us on her bike.  Gingerella (Geralda De Vos) is a Belgian artist who has collected single shoes from around Hanoi, created ceramics, artworks and also written a story about a lost shoe.  The children were super excited to see our visitor arriving by bicycle with her strange array of odd shoes.  The story was a lot of fun and the children were talking about Gingerella afterward.  So if you spot any lost shoes over the holiday don’t forget to mention Gingerella.

On Thursday we invited children from Middle School over to demonstrate the skills they have been learning in ‘The Babysitters Club’.  The ‘Babysitters Club’ is an i-Block, an exploratory unit that allows students to investigate a new area of learning.  The Middle Schoolers organised a traffic safety class, a slime making class and also a teddy bear clinic.  K1B had the greatest time and enjoyed all of the activities hugely.  The slime was a BIG hit.  I apologise for any slime that may have appeared on clothes.  It was super stretchy!

We also had our ‘Buddies’ from 3C visit.  They came over and enjoyed a last meet with K1B before the holidays.  The children are developing relationships and it was great to hear conversations between the young friends at play.

On Friday we had our ‘free flow’ session.  To complete the last day of school before the break we organised a small party to say farewell with a few party games.  It was a great last day.

Here are just a few photographs of the week.

Please have a safe break.  Enjoy these special moments with your little people they disappear way too quickly.  Today when we were painting snowflakes with wax crayons and painting over the top, I asked Giang why she thought the paint was not appearing on the waxed part of the paper?  Quite simply she said, “because they aren’t friends Ms. M”.  These magical quotes disappear too fast, so enjoy them and why not write them down?

Something has been lost – Udam has a t-shirt and shorts (grey) that have vanished from his cubby outside.  Please, can you check that you do not have them in error?  Thank you.

Have a happy holiday and do send me one photograph of your break so that we can talk about our holidays when we return to school on Monday 6th January.

Do remember if ever you are worried about something please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards and best wishes for 2020.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu

Friday 6th December

Dear K1B Parents

As we move into the last week of school it is hard to believe that our journey together only began in August.  K1B is a caring community that is learning to problem-solve independently.  This week a child was very tired in the morning and we talked about why he might be tired.  Afterward, I asked the children what we could do in order to solve this problem – two friends recommended an earlier night!  Please do not underestimate your very own K1 problem solver they are capable of great things.

This week we ventured deeper into our unit of inquiry ‘How The World Works’.  Water has been a recurrent theme and I introduced a few new books and provocations to spark interest a little more.  Transferring water using syringes, funnels, bottles, and jars has been a special favourite.  We have read ‘A Cool Drink of Water’ by Barbara Kerley.  The children were especially interested in one photograph and found it strange that a person would drink dirty water.  With this in mind, we organised a trip to the science laboratory so that we could become scientists.  We watched an experiment involving water and also looked at different samples of water that we had collected.  The mud kitchen, the pond in the ECC and a special sample collected from ‘West Lake’.  Looking at these samples under the microscope proved to be very interesting – we could see a worm in the pond water and West Lake had lots of creatures to spot too.

We have sorted our treasure bags and are working on naming the materials that each item is made of.  If you still have a treasure bag at home or have not yet collected treasure for us please find time over the weekend to do this.

‘Mystery Reader’.  We had a last-minute change so thank you to Sheri for stepping in.  The children loved the pigeon book that she read and Anderson was of course delighted and also very surprised to see his Mum.  Please lookout for a google doc soon which has dates for next year on it.  Please go ahead and add your name to the document so that you might surprise us too.  Don’t be shy the children would love it.

Fire Drill – during our accreditation week the children responded well to this fire drill.  We left the building calmly and quietly and the children all waited patiently for the all-clear.  I was very proud of our K1B class who were not at all phased by this experience.  A few months ago this could create anxiety in a couple of the children, not anymore.


Friday 13th December will the last day of school this year.  The school will restart on Monday 6th January.

Please remember to change your spare clothes – it is slightly cooler now.

Show & Tell – objects made of metal or plastic.

Enjoy the photographs with your child over the weekend.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 29th November

Dear K1B Parents

This week the children had lots to do as we explored, water, colour and pattern.  ‘How The World Works’ is a unit in which we encourage the children to be curious and to recognise change first-hand.  This has certainly been happening whilst watching our seeds sprout, flowers change colour and how water behaves in different environments.  The idea of water is something that the children seem particularly interested in.  From Udam in September feeling in the blue zone because he watched a friend wasting water at the sandpit to the children being mesmerised by how coloured water behaves when mixed with oil.

We made ice-packs and considered the outcomes that might occur when different materials and liquids were frozen.  These worked out surprisingly well so if you need a new ice-pack for bumps ask your child what’s the best way to make one.  Just water seemed the most popular although washing up liquid because it smelled like vanilla ice cream came a close second.

Our buddies visited on Thursday and we played ‘This is not a stick’ this time encouraging the children in small groups to come up with an idea for their stick and using maker-space materials to change it.  A great opportunity for conversations between K1B and 3C and evidence of confidence and team-building skills.  3C pushed the ideas of K1B to another dimension and it will be interesting to observe if any of the skills or ideas are embraced by ‘The Brilliant B’s’.

‘Mystery Reader’ this week was Heejung, Udam’s Mum.  He was super happy to see his Mum arrive.  Heejung read “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle a super book with actions.  The children were lucky enough to listen to it in Korean and English.  Thank you Heejung for coming in.

I want to personally thank you all for your kindness whilst I have been away.  Ms. Thu has been super.  I looked at all of the photographs and wished I had been around because it looked a lot of fun.  I also received a beautiful bunch of flowers which was so generous of you all.  Thank you!


Treasure Bags – thank you for returning these.  If you still have one at home please return it by Tuesday so that we can sort the objects into different materials.

Show and Tell – could you ask your children to hunt around the home for something that is wooden.

It’s Getting Cooler – please check your spare clothes, as the weather becomes a little cooler your child may need long sleeves/cardigan/jumper in their spare clothes bag too.

Please enjoy these photographs with your child.  Have a super weekend.

With kindest regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 22nd November

Dear K1B Parents

The weeks are rocketing by in K1B.  It is difficult to believe that the winter break is only 3 weeks away.

This week has been a great week in K1B as we not only grow as a community but grow some seeds too.  The children have had fun watching their beans sprout, it has been a race to see who has the tallest bean.  Our strawberries and mint are growing well outside too.  I asked the children to think about how we might grow seeds without soil and am waiting for their answers on Monday.

We enjoyed a visit from many of you on Tuesday,  ‘Open Classroom Day’.  It was super to have you into K1B to experience learning beside your child.  As you know we offer a play-based approach at UNIS and the children are very comfortable within this environment, challenging themselves in different ways with the materials and provocations.  I hope you all enjoyed watching ‘my brilliant b’s’ and please if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.  Here is a separate link for the photographs from ‘Open Classroom‘.

On Wednesday we finally made it to the ‘Maker Space’ with Big C.  The children loved it and are becoming accustomed to the process of working without using glue.  The work produced here will not be sent home but dismantled so that we can re-use the make-do screws and cardboard.  The beebots were also a big hit;  playing with the beebots is in actual fact the beginning of coding.

Thank you to Priya who was our ‘Mystery Reader’ this week.  The children love guessing who it might be and Rishabh was quick to spot that it could not be his Mum because she did it a couple of weeks ago.  Thank you Priya for joining us we appreciate you giving up your precious time.

We celebrated birthdays too;  Kwazii and Harriet both turn 5 in the coming days.  Baking a cake and sharing it together builds our community and I especially appreciate the fact that all children have the same cake.  The children enjoy the routine of selecting which flavour cake to make and which icing we shall have.  K1B are now responsible for making the birthday crowns too, their stencilling skills have improved hugely.  The next step will be to create our cake recipe and method so that the children can complete this task unsupervised!

Thank you once again from Ms. Thu and I for all the fabulous gifts on Teachers’ Day, your generosity was so very thoughtful.  We were totally spoilt.


  1.  For ‘Show and Tell’ – please bring an item that we can add to the maker space.  Following on from ‘This is not a stick’ we would like to encourage the children to think imaginatively about how to re-purpose materials and where the items came from/what they started life as.
  2. Treasure Bags – please try to fill the very small treasure bag with interesting items over the weekend and send them in on Monday.

Please enjoy some additional photographs from the week with your child.

With kindest regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu

14th November 2019

Dear K1B Parents

It has been a busy week in K1B.  Despite the AQI being very high on Tuesday and Wednesday and all outdoor play suspended the children coped well.  Assembly was a great success and please enjoy the video that I will share with you this weekend.  Thank you to all the parents that joined us for this event.  It is a huge achievement to walk out onto the stage, in the theatre, in front of a live audience and K1B and K1C did a great job, sharing their learning all about connections.

We have been looking at sunflowers this week which resulted in some beautiful paintings.  We also planted some strawberry plants and mint outside, when the air was a little cleaner.  Our beans have been planted and we estimated how long it might take for the seeds to sprout.  We also had a visit from Big C who taught us how to saw cardboard and work without glue.

Mystery Reader – This week Teo’s Mum, Jackie was our wonderful ‘Mystery Reader’.  Jackie read a book in Korean and one in English.  It was fab that some of the children picked up on the fact that the Korean book had a character called Teo.

Show and Tell – please ask your child to bring a favourtie book.

Snack Sale – Thank you for remembering to send money in on Wednesday for the snack sale.  Please note that when the children buy popcorn, a cake or something else that this does not mean you do not have to send a snack.  The children are often very hungry and one small snack at first break is just not enough.

Open Classroom – Please join K1B for Open Classroom on Tuesday 19th at 1035-1200.  I hope you can join us.  I know that your children will have fun showing you around our K1B environment.

Enjoy these photographs over the weekend with your children.

Have a good weekend.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 8th November

Dear K1B Parents

We started the week with a tea-party.  Did you hear about it?  We are slowly moving into ‘How The World Works’ and also opened up our ‘Maker Space’ in the Atelier space.  The children have attacked the cardboard and crafting equipment with great zeal.  What a creative bunch K1B are, we have made vampires, police stations, skate-board parks, and even a sushi mat.  Working in the maker-space offers the children an opportunity to problem-solve first-hand whilst using many new materials.  Why don’t the chopsticks stand up when you tape all of them together in a row?  How do I put a new tape onto the dispenser?  How do I get my marshmallows (cotton wool balls) out of a plastic bottle?  Aside from this new area, we are creating a science/nature zone too.  Please do send in any interesting dead bugs you might come across.

Thank you for remembering to send ‘Show and Tell’ items into school this week.  The children are enjoying the opportunity to show items from the home to their friends.  Next week could you please send items linked to something found in our natural environment (eg a special stone, shell, stick, seed or leaf) for ‘Show and Tell.

Thursday we went outside for our outdoor classroom day.  Sadly the weather was not perfect with quite a high AQI.  We flip-flopped between outside and indoors and enjoyed ‘free-flow’ with our friends in K1A and K1C, quite the little community now.

“Mystery Reader’ was a big surprise for Simran when Ritu and Fekade arrived.  They shared one of the Pigeon books and also ‘Are You My Mother’ by PD Eastman.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the stories.  Thank you so much for giving up your time to come into our classroom.


Monday 11th NovemberSchool will be closed whilst we attend Professional Development.

Wednesday 13th November – Snack sale.  Please send 20,000 VND to contribute to a school charity.

Thursday 14th November – 0925 K1B and K1C Assembly.  We shall be on the stage but will not be singing or performing.  Instead, our classes will present our learning via a short movie.  Please join us if you are available.  Venue – Theatre.

Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms.  K1B will have an open session from 1035-1200.  Please do join us for a collaboration with your child.  It is important that if you are not coming that you let me know so that I can support your child accordingly.  Lunch will not be available on this day to all visiting parents but you can avail of the cafe in the canteen for a sandwich/coffee after all of your hard work!

Have a super long weekend and don’t forget to send any clean cardboard, bottles or boxes that could be used in the maker-space.  Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing all the news on Tuesday enjoy the photographs.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 1st November

Dear K1B Parents
It has been a super week in K1B.  ‘Show and Tell’ has started and the children are enjoying this new experience.  As you know this is an opportunity for children to develop confident speaking skills and add vocabulary to their language.
We had some visitors to the classroom on Monday –  a few of the school flags.  This gave the children an opportunity to see the flags up close.  Using the flag buildings material on the table Anderson decided to design his own flag demonstrating connections to other people as he did so, a red circle, “because I am connected to Soma and he is Japan”.  The flags were fun so we decided to create them on some fabric.
Our ‘Mystery Reader’ this week was Rishabh’s Mum, Neha.  Thank you to Neha for coming in and re-telling the story of Diwali to the children.  If you have a festival or a special event coming up that you would like to share please do not hesitate to contact me so that you can come in and share.
Thursday was a super Hallowe’en.  We attended the opening ceremony of the basketball first thing.  Cinderella lost her shoe and the children had fun finding it in various places.
As we move into our new unit of inquiry ‘How the world works’ we will be creating a ‘Maker Space’.  “A Makerspace’ is a metaphor for a unique learning environment that encourages tinkering, play and open-ended exploration for all,” (Laura Fleming, author of Worlds of Making).  Please could you start to send in any clean refuse that would be useful for the children to build with (eg yoghurt pots, tubes, cereal boxes etc…  It would also be useful for the children to have old keyboards, broken calculators, mobile phones or other bits of technology that you no longer require that does not hold electricity.
Thursday 7th November – the Elementary School will participate in international Outdoor Classroom Day.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:
-wears sunscreen to school
-is dressed appropriately for the weather
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
Monday 11th November – School will be closed all day.  It is a Professional Development day for all Teachers.
Thursday 14th November – K1B and K1C Assembly @ 0925.
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Friday – Show and Tell – no specific object need to be brought at this point.
Have a great weekend and please enjoy the photographs.
With kind regards.
Ms. M and Ms. Thu

Friday 25th October

Dear K1B Parents

Firstly, thank you so much for coming to our UN Day Assembly on Monday.  It was a super event and the children loved spotting their own flags.  I also wanted to write and thank you for supplying such wonderful food for our lunch.  Thanks also to all of the helpers on the day who organised the lunch for us all.

This week has been a funny week.  The Monday UN Day Assembly threw many of us I know.  The children have shown lots of interest in flags and aside from making our own flags we also went on a ‘flag hunt’ looking for symbols and flags around the school. The children are beginning to recognise The United Nations symbol and to appreciate that we are connected to not just people.  We shall continue to look at flags next week.

‘Mystery Reader’ this week was Elena’s Daddy.  Greig read two chapters from a book called ‘Mouse Tales’ by Arnold Lobel.  The children especially enjoyed the story about the wishing well.  Thank you Greig for coming in.  It is always a fun part of the week.

Show and Tell starts next week.  Please see details below.  Show & Tell helps to build community, make connections between home and school, and boost language skills such as using descriptive language, public speaking, asking questions, and attentive listening.

  • We will have Show & Tell every week unless otherwise noted in the Tin Tuc.
  • Your child will have the same Show & Tell day every week.
  • Please help your child choose 1 item only.  Each week I will post a note in the Tin Tuc about what the children should bring for Show & Tell the following week. Next week, please help your child bring in a favourite object from home (toy, book, photo….).
  • Please do not let your child bring toys or other valuable items to school that are not for Show & Tell
  • Please do not send toys and other objects to school on other days of the week.
  • Tuesdays:  Suzu, Soma, Simran, Teo
  • Wednesdays: Dohyeon, Harriet, Kwazii, Elena, 
  • Thursdays: Rishabh, Aubrey, Jaxon, Giang
  • Fridays: Udam, Anjali, Anderson, Siho


  • Dress up day on Thursday 31st October
  • SWIMMING unit is over.
  • Monday 11th November – School will be closed.  Teachers will be on an in-house training session.

Have a fabulous weekend, enjoying this cooler weather and please do enjoy looking at the photographs with your child.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu



Friday 18th October

Dear K1B Parents

I hope you all had a wonderful break.  Thank you for sending the photographs, rubbish and swimming kits back to school on Monday.  I think the reminders from our Class Parents really helped, thank you Sheri and Na.

This week we have been learning about SDG’s.  The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

It has been interesting to listen to the children reflect on what we have been learning about and witness their independent thinking as the week progressed.  We enjoyed a free flow on Tuesday between Discovery and K1.  Each room represented a different SDG.  Gender Equality, Responsible Consumption and Production, Quality Education.  In our classroom we looked at Life Below Water.  On Tuesday we found our classroom in a big mess which prompted lots of cleaning up.  We are still working on what to do with the rubbish “make something new”, said Anderson or “recycle it”, said Teo.  Let’s see where we go with this idea.  The children also experienced an oil spill during the free flow on Tuesday cleaning feathers and looking at the differences before and after the oil.

Our ‘Mystery Reader’ this week was Anderson’s Grandma who read a wonderful book about a pumpkin called ‘The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin’ by Joe Troiano.  The children enjoyed Anderson’s favourite book.  These are very special moments that I am grateful you have all wanted to be a part of.  They build our community and absolutely delight the children.

We also celebrated another friend turning 5, Anderson.  A fabulous chocolate cake was made by the children and gobbled up very quickly on Thursday after we had played a few games for Anderson’s birthday.

We enjoyed Buddies on Thursday when our 3C friends came over and we began to paint our special fish.  More about the fish next week.

Ms Lan-Anh a teacher from one of our Vietnamese partnership schools joined us all week.  She is a teacher at Sai Dong Kindergarten, I have visited her in her school too.  UNIS offers this program to just a handful of schools.   The children enjoyed having her around.

UN Day Monday – important information for K1

  • children should come to school already wearing their national dress.
  • drop off your community lunch contributions in the ECC Gym before the assembly (make sure your tupperware/container is labelled.
  • be seated in the Sports Centre by 11am.
  • after the assembly, meet your child back at our classroom for lunch and dismissal – please do not take your children from the Sports Centre, nor pull them out of the class line walking back to the ECC.
  • each child will be marked off as they are picked up from the classroom. Let Ms. M or Ms. Thu know if you are taking your child home, or if s/he is taking the bus.
  • once you collect your child from the classroom s/he is under your care – please help your child with lunch and supervise on the playground.
  • dismissal is at 1pm.  Children going home on the bus should be brought back to the classroom at 12:50.  Thank you!


  • Final swimming sessions next week.
  • Thursday 31st October: Dress up day – more details will be shared in the Tin Tuc.
  • Show and tell will start the last week of October.  Please see details in next week’s blog.
  • Jaxon has lost his PE shirt please check that you don’t accidentally have this at home.  It is labelled.  Many thanks.
  • We are working on zero waste during our snack times.

Please enjoy these photographs with your child over the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying this cooler weather.

With kind regards.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu


Friday 4th October

Dear K1B Parents

Thank you so much for coming into school on Monday to take part in our ‘Learning Conversations’.  I hope you found the meetings useful, I thought it was a great opportunity for you to hear what your child would like to achieve this school year.  Please remember if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

The children are beginning to grasp the meaning of ‘connection’ and have also spotted that their names have some similarities.  We shall continue this inquiry after the break.

Many of you will be travelling during the break.  Please travel safely.  I would appreciate it if you could remember to email me a photograph from your holiday.  These will be used in a presentation after the break.  It would also be very helpful if you could collect any maps you might see/use over the holidays for us.  These maps might assist us in connecting to our environment.  Be warned only send maps you do not want back!

Please also send a photograph of your child as a baby (under 1 please).  This will be useful for our K1B book.

After the holidays we shall be straight into SDG week.  With this in mind please can I ask you to save any green/white/clear plastic bags you might have and also bottle tops, beer caps and also plastic bottles.  It would be amazing to have these on the first day back so that we can set up a provocation on Tuesday for the children linked to SDG 14:  Life Below Water.  Discovery and K1 plan to have a free-flow morning allowing the children to take a learning walk through some of the SDG’s.  This will be the first time some of the children are exposed to SDG’s at UNIS.

This week our ‘Mystery Reader’ was Grace, Siho’s Sister who did a great job reading the children ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ an also ‘Dear Zoo’.  Grace is in Grade 4.  Thank you Grace for giving up your time to come into K1B.

Dates for your diary:-

  • Today is the last day of school.
  • Monday 14th October first day back at school.
  • Monday 14th until Friday 18th October – SDG Week at UNIS please do your best to send litterless snacks.
  • UN Day – Monday 21st October – please see the Tin Tuc for full details about whole school activities, Assembly and pot luck lunch.  Dress in their own national/cultural costume or adopt the national dress of the flag they are carrying, or adopt the national/cultural costume of a country to which they feel a special affinity through family, friends or having lived there, or create a unique outfit to reflect their cultural identity through a blending of cultural attires from multiple home countries and/or places where they have grown up (eg. blending a Japanese Kimono with an Indian Sari).  NOTE: Fun and Fancy Dress costumes or national football shirts are not appropriate.

Here are some photographs from our week, please enjoy these with your child.

Have a super break and thank you for assisting with my ‘wish list’.

Ms. M and Ms. Thu