A Busy Week

Dear All,

For students who will be returning to UNIS in the fall they had a wonderful morning exploring a K2 classroom and spending time learning about what K2 is like for next year. Our leaving students had a series of activities together with all of the leavers across the elementary school. Both groups were given the time and space to think about the transitions coming their way.

When we returned to our K1 A classroom Noah K asked, “Ms. Kris will you miss us after next Wednesday?” My answer was a resounding, “YES!” K1 A is a wonderful group of students who have shown resilience, kindness and togetherness throughout the year and in our five weeks together at the end. This is due to your wonderful children and the love and care that Ms. Charla gave to the students during her time in K1A. And of course a big thanks to Ms. Nhung who has supported the children through all of the changes this year. We are a class filled with gratitude.


  • Exploring with water and shaving cream
  • Learning about length through our names
  • Assembly on zoom and playing Kahoot with the entire elementary school.
  • Visiting K2 and finding out what life after K1 might be like.


  • Last day of school.  Next Wednesday at pick up at 12:00 – lunch will not be provided.
  • If you have any overdue library books please return them.

Here are some photos from the week, including some fine motor fun.  I hope you find some time over the weekend to enjoy with your child. This will be the final Friday blog post from K1A.

With kindest regards.

Ms. Kris and Ms. Nhung

Our Week

Dear Parents in K1A,

This week week has flown by and we have done a lot of learning and growing.

We dipped back into our “How the World Works” central idea this week as the class opened the JAFA store. This was complete with items handmade from play dough wrapped in bamboo to homemade money. They negotiated and worked as a team to create a splendid store.

We enjoyed Arts Week and creating alongside our distance learning friends and continued with some stand alone inquiries into water and clay. Working with clay is a good way to support fine motor development, a skill that supports writing and drawing.


  • The Grand Walk – celebrating our grade 12 students as they finish their schooling at UNIS
  • Opening the JAFA store in K1A
  • Singing, dancing and laughing
  • Creating art using line, empty space, shape and color
  • Crossing the midline and practicing hand clapping games
  • Discovering some consonant and vowel letter sounds
  • Practicing how to write our names with correct pencil grip and directionality


  • All library books are due back today May 29th
  • Next Friday is Moving Up Day where your child will visit K2 to see what they can see – individual teachers will not be assigned until August
  • Wednesday June 10th is the final day of school for students. The day finishes at 12:00. There will be no lunch on this day.

Show and Tell

Next week we will have a final week of show and tell. Please help your child choose 1 item to bring to school on their day. This is not mandatory.


Monday – Eunjae, Thomas, Anu

Tuesday – Faas, Mina, Ella

Wednesday – Noah K, Shao Ting, Mici

Thursday – Mayra, Fula, Nimo

Friday – Max and Noah T

We look forward to 8 more great days in K1A.

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

K1A Team

Settling In

Dear Families in K1A,

Seems funny to write that we are settling in, but it’s true. The children in K1A have done a great job this week of solidifying the new routines that we’ve established for the remainder of the year. With a few short weeks left until summer break they have rallied to the challenge of change. They have also done well with needing to spend hours inside as the heat index has risen.

This week we returned to our ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry. The children have created a story about a dragon called Sparky. This story will come to life in different ways next week in music and art class. Be on the look out for the original K1A story on Seesaw.

Highlights From The Week:

  • A short play on the small playground
  • Discovering tadpoles in the water and building on our knowledge of the life cycle of frogs
  • Painting our dragon head
  • Learning a few new songs: Fish Heads, There Was A Tree, Watermelon
  • Playing games to help develop our self regulation skills – see this article for more information
  • Laughing, playing and enjoying
  • Wellness Week – the PE Department has inspired us everyday


If you have chosen the school lunch option for your child please look through the menu with them as most of the children only want to eat the dessert and not the other options. We encourage healthy choices in K1 and are trying to help them eat balanced meals.

Enjoy some photos from our week here.

Enjoy a restful weekend.

Our Week Back on Campus!

Dear Families,

It’s been a busy week back in K1A. Your children have been resilient as they have adjusted to wearing masks, new routines, a changed classroom, not being able to mix with other classes  and having a new homeroom teacher. They have reconnected with friends and are fostering new friendships.

We have shared smiles (beneath the masks), stories, writing letters to our friends who are not here and a great deal of play. Please see some photos from the week here.

More highlights:

  • Resuming our specialist classes, Art, PE, Music and Vietnamese.
  • Pajama Day, Mr Josh coming in to read ‘My Dad’ and enjoying a cookie during our afternoon story session.
  • Designing our own viruses and monsters.
  • A zoom Assembly for friends far and near across our Elementary School.
  • Keeping track of how many books we have read using our read-o-meter.
  • Exploring new play spaces as we continue to remain separate from other classes

Thank you for sending in healthy snacks as the children are very hungry throughout the day. We are staying hydrated and washing hands often. Thank you for all of the practicing you have done at home.

As is to be expected many of the children are tired towards the end of the day. This is just a friendly reminder of the importance of getting your child to bed early. The recommended hours of sleep for a child aged 4 -5 is 10 – 11 hours of sleep. See this article for additional information.

We are looking forward to next week when the focus will be on Wellness supported with activities from the PE department.