Settling In

Dear Families in K1A,

Seems funny to write that we are settling in, but it’s true. The children in K1A have done a great job this week of solidifying the new routines that we’ve established for the remainder of the year. With a few short weeks left until summer break they have rallied to the challenge of change. They have also done well with needing to spend hours inside as the heat index has risen.

This week we returned to our ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry. The children have created a story about a dragon called Sparky. This story will come to life in different ways next week in music and art class. Be on the look out for the original K1A story on Seesaw.

Highlights From The Week:

  • A short play on the small playground
  • Discovering tadpoles in the water and building on our knowledge of the life cycle of frogs
  • Painting our dragon head
  • Learning a few new songs: Fish Heads, There Was A Tree, Watermelon
  • Playing games to help develop our self regulation skills – see this article for more information
  • Laughing, playing and enjoying
  • Wellness Week – the PE Department has inspired us everyday


If you have chosen the school lunch option for your child please look through the menu with them as most of the children only want to eat the dessert and not the other options. We encourage healthy choices in K1 and are trying to help them eat balanced meals.

Enjoy some photos from our week here.

Enjoy a restful weekend.

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