Nov 29

Dear Parents,

This week we focussed on what it means to be a ‘thinker.’ We are exploring materials using our senses, working on being creative, and solving problems.  Mr. C, our Technology & Innovation Coach, has been helping us to learn new techniques for construction and we have been busy making different creations in our classroom maker space.

This week Ms. Loan joined us again. Ms. Loan is a teacher at a local pre-school in Hanoi called 20/10 and is one of 12 teachers paired with UNIS ECC teachers this year.  We are working together to learn more about quality education and exploring ways to make some changes in local schools.  Ms. Loan and I paired up students in her class with K1A students, and today the children drew pictures for their buddies to tell them about UNIS.  We hope to have Ms. Loan’s class visit us later in the year, and for us to visit her school as well.

Please see this link for photos: K1A Media

Show and Tell:

Next week we will choose items from the children’s “treasure bags” for show and tell. Please send in the bag if you haven’t already.  Thank you!

Important – Ms. Charla’s absence:

I had some unexpected news from home and, unfortunately, I need to go to Canada next weekend. This means that I will be absent the week of December 9th-13th. The children will be well taken care of by Ms. Nhung, the rest of the Discovery and K1 Teaching Team, and a supply teacher. Please contact the office with any important information or changes to your child’s routine.  Thank you for your understanding.

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