Nov 22

Dear Parents,

We enjoyed a visit from many of you on Tuesday’s  ‘Open Classroom Day’.  It was wonderful to have you into K1A to experience learning beside your child.  It was lovely to see you all engaging in our play-based approach.  As you can see, the children are very comfortable with their learning environment, and they enjoy challenging themselves in different ways with the materials and provocations in our space.  As your child posts on his/her SeeSaw account about Open Classrooms, please do take the time to post a response to the questions.  Thank you for your time and support.

This was a big week for K1A as we finally shared our thoughts, learning, and work about children’s rights. Please help our class to further spread their ideas by sharing the assembly video with relatives, talking at home about rights, and letting your child wear his/her special t-shirt.  The shirts were made using special fabric markers and have been heat sealed, so they should be fine to be washed and worn again and again.

After our assembly, the Grade 4 students came down to spend some time with us to learn about our ideas about children’s rights for their new unit of inquiry. It was wonderful to see our K1 children teaching Grade 4s.

Finally – thank you so very much for all of the fabulous Teachers’ Days gifts.  Ms. Nhung and I have never been so spoiled!  We love working with you and especially your children every day.

Please see this link for photos: K1A Media

Please look in your child’s backpack for a ‘Treasure Bag’ – please try to fill the very small treasure bag with interesting items over the weekend and send them in next week.  There are further instructions with the bags.

Show and Tell:

  • Please help your child choose 1 item only.
  • Next week, please help your child bring in SOMETHING WE CAN USE IN OUR MAKER SPACE – a tool, a material, anything you can use to make and create….
  • Please do not let your child bring toys or other valuable items to school that are not for Show & Tell
  • Please do not send toys and other objects to school on other days of the week
  • Tuesdays:  Anu, Ella, Eunjae, Faas
  • Wednesdays: Fula, Kairi, Max, Mayra
  • Thursdays: Mici, Mina, Nimo, Noah K.
  • Fridays: Noah T., Shao-ting, Thomas, Zayn

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