August 16

Dear K1A Parents,

We had a really lovely start to the K1 year!  It has been such a pleasure getting to know your children this week.  The children seemed to feel very comfortable at school and enjoyed playing with each other.  The block, puzzle, kitchen and playdough areas were particularly busy this week.  We had plenty of outdoor play as well, especially once the heat went down.  The children are learning to get themselves ready for snack, outdoor play and lunch.  Washing hands, helping to set the lunch table and serve food, and getting hats and water bottles for outdoor play are all the students’ responsibilities and they have taken on these tasks very quickly.  We are also learning to greet each other with smiles and a pleasant “good morning” to start the day. Today the children had a wonderful time at PE with Mr. Micah and art with Ms. Emma.  This week the children also met Ms. Liz the music teacher, Ms. Kris the guidance counsellor, and Mr. C the digital technology coach.  On Thursday Ms. Nitasha, our Vice Principal, read the class a story.

Please help your children prepare for the school day by ensuring they have hats, full water bottles, and a morning snack each day.  Just a reminder that PE uniforms and sports shoes should be worn to school on Mondays and Fridays.

Please enjoy photos from this week:  K1A Weekly Media.  You may want to download favourite photos of your child at school, and/or to look at and discuss the photos as a family.  Your child will also have his/her own, private digital learning journal this year. We will be using a platform called See Saw. The school will share more information about this in the coming weeks. If your child was in Discovery last year, s/he will have the same See Saw account.


-hats must be worn during outdoor play

-afternoon snack (fruit) is provided by the school. Please continue to send a healthy morning snack

please send in or email family photos if you haven’t done so already

Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful children!

Charla & Nhung