May 17

Don’t Forget:

  • High School Graduation, Friday May 31: Early Dismissal! 
  • Wednesday, June 5th: Grades 2 & 3 Swim Fun! 
  • Tuesday, June 11 @1:15-1:45: ES Farewell Assembly
  • Wednesday, June 12: Last Day of School, Early Dismissal

Questions to ask your child:

  • How can you compare fractions on a number line? What are 3 different ways you can ‘see’ fractions?
  • What story are you working on? Can you tell me about it? What are some important details that you will add?
  • What are you reading? What is Ms. Jenny reading to you?
  • What have you learned about the solar system so far? How can you remember the planet names? What research have you done so far? What questions do you have?
  • How big is the solar system?
  • How does night and day work? Why are there seasons?
  • What is a Mars Rover?
  • What math is part of planning your trip to space?
  • What goals do you have for the rest of this school year?

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