January 18

Important Information:

  • Thursday, January 24th: Field Trip with our K1 buddies to the Water Puppet Theater. We will connect this to our Who We Are unit as we reflect on how learning about other cultures’ traditions can help us become better global citizens.
  • Wednesday, January 30th: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, February 1st: Blue Dragon Walkathon: Learn More Below
  • February 4-8:  No School for Tet Holiday!

Questions to ask your child:

  • What is Blue Dragon? How do they help children? How can we support them?
  • What is our new Unit of Inquiry about?
  • Why have you been talking about and doing activities about bananas, paper bags and carpets? What do these have to do with your new Unit of Inquiry?
  • How have you supported your K1 buddies lately?
  • What book are you reading independently?
  • What are you reading in reading groups?
  • What is Ms. Jenny reading to you?
  • Has you reading level changed recently? How? Why?
  • What have we been practicing in math this week? What activities and games have we done? What mental strategies have you improved?
  • How do we round numbers to the nearest decuple or 100?
  • How can we use bar models to solve problems?
  • Why is it important to write every day? What am I good at in writing? What do I need to improve?

Walk-a-Thon for

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

On Friday, February 1st, 2019

1:15 pm- 3:00 pm

“Thanks to the great support of the United Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi) through the Elementary School Walkathon, many disadvantaged children in rural Bac Ninh were able to attend school in the 2017-2018 school year. With the 17,707 USD raised by the Walkathon, school fees and insurance were paid, and children were supplied with uniforms, books and stationery items.”

See more about Blue Dragon and how this wonderful organization benefits so many children in Vietnam here.  

  • Rescued 810 people from trafficking
  • Represented 73 people in court cases
  • Sent 4,972 kids back to school & training
  • Provided shelter to 667 girls & boys
  • Placed 279 teens in jobs
  • Served 512,560 meals
  • Built 100 homes for families
  • Reunited 520 runaways with their families
  • Obtained legal papers for 11,634 people
  • Played 2,565 games of soccer!


This year we’re hoping to raise even more money and help even more children.

You will receive a Sponsorship (pledge) form from your ES child,

So get ready to walk or run for fun and a great cause!

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