Artists, Mathematicians, Musicians.

For our new unit, we have been considering how artists use line, colour and form in their creative process. Using a strategy called, “Roll-a-Masterpiece”, students have been creating their own Van Gogh’s and Keith Haring pictures.

3D Artists and their work can also be found:

If you get a chance you might like to show this link to your child and take a look at the embedded video. Also, there is this, “Into Thin Air #2” in Hanoi!

In English, we became word detectives again and went on a hunt for vocabulary authors have used instead of the simple verbs “to say” (“said”) and “to go” (“went”).

Later in the week, during a word inquiry of words in our March (Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak) rhyme that have suffixes, 3D discovered a new suffix “-en”. They were excited to be able to prove it by finding it in other words. At first they wondered if “-on” was also a suffix, but with further investigation they came to the conclusion that “upon” is in fact a compound word.

In maths this week students were working in small groups to analyse and interpret maths statements and numerical arrangements, attempting to make matches between an equation, a value, array, group, set and word problem. There were lots of great conversations and some tough thinking involved. We will be revisiting this as there’s more to do!

Thursday’s G2-3 Music Concert was truly special. The students performed outstandingly and their teachers are incredibly proud of them!

Before heading to the performance, 3D tried a fun brain-gym and listening activity. Take a look:

A huge thank you to Tinh Nugyen-Piro and Karen Hung Curtis for accompanying us on our field trip today. Apart from a misplaced hat (that was found), everything went smoothly and the children had a great day out. Photos to follow.
Please open these links from the P.E. Department for detailed information


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Open Door times next week.

Important Information and Dates:

  • March 11: No School – Teacher Work Day
  • March 13-14: Open Classrooms–More details here and down below!
  • March 21st (Thursday), 9:00am – 10:30am – Music Concert

This week we have started our new uoi, How We Express Ourselves. The central idea is Art is a reflective process that can be presented and interpreted in different ways.

Some music, dance, painting and sculpture was shared with G3 students. They were asked to record what they noticed and whether or not they thought it was art and why. The pieces were: Down in the Park by Gary Numan. Black Satin by Miles Davis,

and watched a piece by the NY City Ballet.

Students were also asked, “What is art?” Below are some of their responses:


  • Questions to ask your child:
    • Where is Antarctica? Why is it special? What are some interesting things you learnt from Ms. Laura as she shared about her Journey?
    • What are gender stereotypes? How are you stereotyped? How are others stereotyped? how does that make you feel?
    • What are you hoping I will notice at Open Classrooms next week?
    • How will you take action in sharing your infographic? Can I help you by sharing on my own social media pages?
    • What are you doing in your specialist classes right now?
    • What does subject-verb agreement mean? How is it related to plurals and tenses?
    • How did your final persuasive piece turn out? What are you proud of in this genre? What do you still want to improve in writing?
    • What is 436-69?  What are some ways we can figure it out?
    • What are some ways we can model multiplication? How can we model division? How are they related to each other? How are they connected to addition and subtraction?
    • What do you think art is? What makes art ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
    • What art do we have in our home?
    • What are you hoping to learn about in your unit on How We Express Ourselves through the arts?
    • Can you teach me how to play Land Grab? How does that help you practice multiplication and learn about area?
    • What did you enjoy about the Grade 5 Inventor’s Gallery? What impressed or inspired you? What would you like to work more with?

Open Door for 3D is THURSDAY 14th March:

Period 3, 10:30 to 11:10 English B9-106
Period 4, 12:05 to 12:45 Art – Centre for the Arts, B10-111
Period 5, 12:50 to 13:30 Maths B9-106
Period 6, 13:45 to 14:25 P.E. – Sports Centre

Friday is unavailable due to the G3 Music rehearsals and the fact that Ms. Julia is out on PD.

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Earlier this week, 3D had a fun lesson with Mr. David on subject-verb agreement. Mr. David had created a thought provoking slide show to help develop understanding of subject-verb agreement. Then students worked in pairs to solve questions on Kahoot.

Our HWOO culminated this week with students creating an infographic, on their main area of interest and knowledge, to share with their chosen audience. It was great to also hear them explaining some of the connections they had made between the SDG’s and the Ten Principles of Fair Trade.

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Year Book Cover Competition

YEARBOOK  2018-2019 COVER COMPETITION – UNIS Hanoi in your eyes

Dear Students,
You are invited to join this year’s Yearbook Cover Design Competition!

Inspired by the Google Doodles, we would like you to create the UNIS Hanoi Doodles for the Yearbook cover this year. Let us know what UNIS Hanoi means to you by creating your own doodle from the UNIS Hanoi logo.

This invitation is open to all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We are happy to accept designs created in any formats: drawing, painting, digital (high definition file), scrapbooked collage… let your imagination go wild!
Students can submit multiple designs, there’s no limit to the number of entries. You can also team up with your friends, just be sure to list full names of all those involved and homerooms number if it is a team effort.
16:00 on Wednesday, April 10
  • Submit your design(s) at Advancement Office (Room 102, Admin Building) or share your digital file with
  • If your creation is a drawing or painting, please clearly mark the envelope with your artwork with your FULL NAME & HOMEROOM
  • Please use the following naming convention for digital files: YB1819_Cover Contest_Your First Name Last Name_Homeroom (i.e. YB1819_Cover Contest_John Smith_5D)
The UNIS Hanoi logo is attached in this email. Click here to learn more about the Google doodles if you want some inspiration to start with.
We hope to receive many fun and colourful UNIS Hanoi doodles in your eyes.
Any questions? Contact
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One of the activities in maths this week was counting large collections using arrays. What different arrays can be made from the same collection? How can you describe each array?

Encourage your child to spot arrays in their environment. You would be amazed at how often they occur. Have them describe them in terms of  “x rows of y”. Can they calculate the total by making the numbers friendlier i.e. cutting the array into smaller, easier to calculate pieces? Check they know their rows from their columns!

Mr. Dylan visited us today and taught us a fun game called, “Sssshuffle”. It took 3D a few attempts to get the rules. Take a look.

In uoi we have investigated Fast and Slow Fashion and Food Miles. Please ask your child to explain them to you.


  • FUNDrun tomorrow 14:30 on-campus
  • Sign up for the Aquathalon
  • Send in any remaining sponsorship money raised for Blue Dragon through the Walkathon on Monday – or donate online, but remember to mention UNIS Walkathon.



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Thank you to Lindsey Bean, Karen Curtis and Megan Brazil who were able to accompany us on our field trip to Donkey Bakery this week. Here are some photos of the visit. Please ask your child about what they learned.

Important Information and Dates:

Questions to ask your child:

  • What did you learn about Donkey Bakery on our visit? How does this help us in our Unit of Inquiry?
  • What kinds of choices can we make as consumers that are better for people and the environment?
  • What books are you reading? What is Ms. Julia reading to you?
  • What are do you need to improve in math? What are some things we can do to help you improve?
  • What are different ways to express multiplication?
  • What is the structure of a persuasive text? How does using emotive language help improve a persuasive piece?

An activity connected to our uoi that you can try at home is to talk about and match up these descriptions of the ten Fair Trade Principles and then discuss which SDG’s might be linked to each.

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Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

It’s been an incredibly busy week. As part of Who We Are, we have been finding out a little about some new year celebrations around the world (Songkran and Matariki) as well as, of course, Tet, here. There have been Parent Teacher Conferences, the Tet Assembly complete with Dragon Dance, G4 Market Day, World Readaloud Day and Walkathon. Thank goodness there’s now a holiday.

Photos of our Tet Celebrations can be found here, some fun photos also of the G4 Market Day and some fabulous ones of 3D in action at the Walkathon!.

On Tuesday 12th February 3D will be taking a field trip to Donkey Bakery (a local business) in conjunction with our “How We Organise Ourselves” unit. The permission slip can be found here if you don’t receive your hard copy or you can complete a Google Form version also.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday. Best Wishes for the Year of the Pig!

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In uoi this week we worked through an interesting Fair Trade activity called “Banana Split“. The aim of the game was to introduce the banana chain (what happens to a banana before it reaches the consumer) and to discuss the reality of ‘who gets what’ from the sale of bananas. Here are some videos of the students sharing their thoughts: Banana Split activity part 1 and Banana Split activity part 2.  Students were then super shocked to find out the reality.

Last week we worked through finding out what students understood about some of the key unit vocabulary. You can see their responses and the vocab here. Then students had the opportunity to use and develop their knowledge further with a vocabulary activity. Please discuss this vocabulary further at home and in your own home language.

In maths, we have done some work on identifying and extending patterns. The first example was repeated with a further extension:

Questions to ask your child:

  • What have you learned about Iqbal in your lessons with Mr. Dylan?
  • What is fair trade?
  • How did we use bananas to learn about fair trade?
  • What new words are you learning connected to the How We Organise Ourselves unit?
  • What did you enjoy about the field trip to the Water Puppet Theater? How can we relate that to our Who We Are unit about understanding people’s beliefs and values?
  • How do people in our home country/culture celebrate a new year?
  • What is an array? What is multiplication? What math activities have you done to learn about it?
  • What is a persuasive text? What special features and structure does it have?

Important Information and Dates:

  • Wednesday, January 30th: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Thursday 31st January G4 Market Day – More details below
  • Friday, February 1st: Blue Dragon Walkathon: More details below
  • February 4-8:  No School for Tet Holiday!
  • March 3 (Sunday): Aquathlon  (More details below)

G4 Market Day


Aquathlon in March


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Walkathon Coming Soon!

Walk-a-Thon for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation,
Friday, February 1st, 2019, 1:15 pm- 3:00 pm

“Thanks to the great support of the United Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi) through the Elementary School Walkathon, many disadvantaged children in rural Bac Ninh were able to attend school in the 2017-2018 school year. With the 17,707 USD raised by the Walkathon, school fees and insurance were paid, and children were supplied with uniforms, books and stationery items.
See more about Blue Dragon and how this wonderful organization benefits so many children in Vietnam hereThis year we’re hoping to raise even more money and help even more children. You will receive a Sponsorship (pledge) form from your ES child, So get ready to walk or run for fun and a great cause!

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The start of 2019

Welcome back!

It’s been a busy start to 2019. During morning recess students have had the opportunity to listen to a Caldecott Award Medal book read aloud by a teacher. This will continue next week. In English we have begun to look at Exposition or Persuasive Text. We did some Word Inquiry into the word “persuade” and members of its family: persuasive, persuaded, etc. We discovered lots of possible new suffixes that we need to test, like -ive, -ion, -able. We’re also not totally sure if “persuade” is the base of the word or if it might be “persuase”. Further inquiry is needed! Next week we will begin looking at the structure and language features of this text type.

We have started our new uoi: How We Organise Ourselves. The Central Idea is: Our economic activities affect people and impact the environment.
We will be inquiring into:

  • Fairness in trade / labour
  • Sustainable consumerism
  • Our power as consumers to affect change

The initial provocation for this unit was a simulation. Students were put into “family” groups and tasked with making as many paper bags as possible in a given time. They could then sell their bags, but bags were only accepted if they fulfilled certain criteria. These criteria changed over time. Having earned some money, the “families” then worked out how much they would have earned had they been working for a week. Finally they were tasked with figuring out if they would survive on their earnings after paying for basic essentials. If so, what might they be be able to afford to spend excess money on? Photos can be found here.  Please ask your child about this activity.
Thursday we visited our buddies and decorated some of the bags. We gave the bags to the canteen to use on their deli counter. Photos here.
Over the next few weeks we will begin to look at multiplication, starting from the concrete and creating arrays. Take a look at Graham Fletcher’s “Progression of Multiplication” video on this site:

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