Celebration of Learning

Learning Summit
Grade 4C&D had a Learning Summit on yesterday, Thursday and today. As Thinkers, they exercised initiative in applying their thinking skills critically and creatively and made reasoned decisions in the way they chose to express and communicate their learning. They were able to revisit and reconnect with our How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry. In so doing, they acquired in-depth knowledge and developed understanding across a broad range of disciplines such as math, writing, reading, and social issues that have local and global significance – Child’s Rights. Also, they considered how best to use their strengths by choosing the presentations skills and tools that allowed them to best express themselves.

The students harnessed their inner drive for success to consolidate their conceptual understanding and applied their knowledge and ideas. This empowered them to share their personalized learning. The Learning Summit format is designed for students to concentrate on their personal needs and abilities of both individual students and whole communities, we have been able to create an environment that fosters success.

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