Good Life Goals

Your fourth grader has been seizing opportunities to develop a concrete understanding of how we share our planet, knowing that they as children have rights and responsibilities that can enable equitable opportunities. The Good Life Goals and Teaspoons of Change certainly make the goals more accessible to achieve and encourage us all to become an active and effective global citizen.

A good follow-up from our Uniquely UNIS Global Goals Week, which cumulated in UN Day Celebration, was the visit of the creator of Teaspoons of Change, d’Arcy Lunn. He did several workshops with the students and our UNIS community. A highlight was the workshop he led with the Guardians of the SDGs. They started the day by creating personal stories as change agents – knowing that the stories we share about who are are and why we care can be a powerful tool for bringing people together. Please share a story of what an experience that could qualify you as a global citizen.

Your child listened to a talk by Dr. Nary Ly, who is a Khmer Rouge survivor, a Ph.D./scientist (degree from France) and also the first female Olympian marathon runner from Cambodia.
Dr. Ly has now written an autobiography in response to a popular demand (since the Rio) and has been giving many speeches and inspirational talks to children and adults around the world.
Her story is especially inspirational to young girls and boys as she would speak about the importance of peace and security, education, physical exercise, but above all, importance of setting a goal and striving for your dreams against all the odds.
We are so lucky to have such an inspirational speaker present her story to the Grade 4 students and teachers today.

Information Report Writing
Students investigated into features of a report text.

The UNIS High School Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group are planning an Elementary School Movie Night on December 13th, 2018.
Habitat for Humanity service group Movie Permission

Come and watch an exciting musical production- Pirates Past Noon – by a cast composed of Grade 2 and Grade 3 students
Saturday, December 8 & Sunday, December 9 3:00 – 4:00pm
Theatre, Center for the Arts, UNIS Hanoi
Tickets are on sale at the Centre for the Arts Office (B10).

Math Tips
Have your child identify factors of numbers that are multipsimply10.
Does your fourth grader use knowledge of multiplication combinations and how to multiply by a multiple of 10 to identify factors of larger numbers? (“I know that 8 x 3 = 24, so both 80 and 30 are factors of 240.”)
Play Factor Bingo!
(You may want to make copies or simple recreate these factor bingo cards M15-223uiv7)
This game provides students with practice in identifying the factors of numbers that are multiples of 10, as well as recognizing multiplication combinations in the context of a division situation. (240 / ____ = 40)
Choose a number (100 180, 200, 60, 360, 450, 720, 150, 770, 630, 420, 300, 240, 550, 750, 400, 330, 810 and have a wild card)
Ask your child to tell you some numbers on the Factor Bingo Gameboard that are factors of that number. For example, the number chosen is 240. What numbers are factors of 240. You know that 2 is a factor because it’s an even number. So 20 is a factor.
Let your child choose one of the factors to cover with a counter. Keep playing until a player has covered five numbers in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. BINGO!

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