Supporters of Learning

This week we had two special teachers as guests in our classroom. Ms. Beth, the D-5 Extension and Enrichment Coach, enlightened the students about ways to discuss math problems and strategies to share their reasoning and solutions. The conversation and math activity we did with Ms. Beth lead to the class’ understanding of the importance of having Number Talks. Grade 4C students discussed and agreed on these three points:

  1. We gain different perspectives
  2. We can become more knowledgeable
  3. Our brains grow to come up with our own unique ways of solving problems when reasoning with others

It is most important that your child accurately and efficiently solve math problems in ways that make sense to her or him. At home, encourage your child to explain her or his math thinking to you.

We also had a visit from Mr. Dylan. He engaged us all in the practice of individual strengths and capacity to take care of oneself while learning academic skills and social-emotional skills.

With the aim of making meaning of How we express our understanding influences how effectively our messages are communicated, (How We Express Ourselves’ Central Idea) our class set up a Me Museum to express their understanding of who they are as individuals.
Enjoy this short Me Museum video

I-Act Time
This week, students shared ideas of meaningful ways to have our school values of Learning, Community and Responsibility reflect in all that we do and that led us to define what we do in I-Act Time. Here are three statements that sum up our conclusions:

  • Acting on an issue to help the world
  • Making a positive impact in our community
  • Doing a bunch of things that involves action
    Watch this space for your child’s action-driven innovations and passion projects.

Buddy Class
Finally, we met with our buddies on Thursday! There is no doubt we will have an amazing year together. Students are already thinking of all the activities to engage our K2C buddies in community building, taking responsibilities, and learning together! For example, they mentioned going for a walk around the school to identify ways to help, creating a cooperative game, or practicing math and reading skills.

Back-To-School Night
See you in B9 – 116 at either 6:00pm or 6:35pm on Thursday, September 6 to learn about WHO your child’s teachers are, WHAT your child can look forward to learning this year, and HOW the learning will take place.

Monday 3rd September – NO SCHOOL!
Thursday 6th September – Back to School Night – 6pm
Tuesday 11th September – Parent Community Morning with Head of School – 8am
Saturday 22nd September – Community Connections Fair and Flea Market
Saturday 29th September – Parent and Staff Sparkly Social
Monday 1st October – ES Parent – Teacher Conferences (No School or ASAs for ES)
October 6 – 14th – Autumn Break NO SCHOOL

Next Week
UOI: How The World Works provocation
Reading: Guided Reading and Comprehension strategies
Writing: Looking at the structure of Narrative texts-the complication and resolution
Math: Whole Numbers and Data Handling

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