Imagination, Memory & Faith: Oh My!

ToK year 1 classes continue their exploration of the factors that may support and/or impede us as knowers in our pursuit of knowledge.

What is becoming more clear is that these factors, like imagination, intuition & memory, do not work in isolation but instead form a type of network that may aid us as we try to discern fact from fake news.

We are also coming to realize that these “networks of ways of knowing” have an equal capacity to mislead us, contributing to our reliance on a number of logical fallacies & cognitive biases which hinder our ability to effectively evaluate what we know.

In other words, fake news becomes fact & we fall for it all the time.

Knowledge Seminars continue in B5 G20, 21 & 29 on 12 & 14 November. Come share with us how you know.

Knowers in the House!

Congratulations to Year 1 Theory of Knowledge students on the successful submission of their reactions to the ToK provocation related to the challenges of language as a “double edged” way of knowing & justifying what we know (or think we know)!

Using articles from Aeon Magazine (, Harvard Business Review, the IB TOK Guide, Lagemaat as well as other sources, these responses underscore the challenges posed by relying on one single way of knowing in terms of our relationship to certainty as well as the importance of the evaluation & interplay between the ways of knowing & other methods or means of justifying what we know (or think we know).

They are worth a view:

Feel free to contact these knowers if you have responses or reactions to the significant questions they have posed at the end of their reflections!

Discussions about knowledge are always on the table in B5 G20, G21 & G29.