Online Learning update – Students pursue interests through Global Online Academy Courses

The High school continues to look for ways to provide opportunities for students to pursue interests and to enrich and extend their skills. Twelve Grade 10 students started their online course with Global Online Academy (GOA) this week. Global Online Academy was selected for because of the quality and thoughtful approach they take to structuring and supporting students. Before enrolling any student in a GOA course we asked them to complete a number of tasks designed to help them demonstrate readiness to undertake more independent learning.

Students have been busy getting connected with their teachers, navigating their course sites, and preparing for an orientation programme. One of their first tasks several of our students have already completed is making one-one contact with their teacher in a ‘get to know you’ call using a tool called Zoom. We asked a few of our students about their first impressions of their course and online learning.

“My first video call with Dr. Broderick, my teacher, was a lot easier and chill than I expected. I was really nervous prior to the call, and my malfunctioning camera only made me more anxious, but Dr. Broderick was really understanding and didn’t let it interfere with our call. She told me a lot about the class and what we would be studying, in addition to how it works, which was really helpful. I’m looking forward to having her as a teacher.” (Isabel Zaring, G10.)

“From my first meeting with my GOA teacher, I could tell that taking this course would be a very unique, hands on experience on something that you’re passionate about, which is something that a lot of high school students don’t get to explore. Getting to study and explore a topic that you love while also meeting students from all over the world is amazing.” (Mia Kritenbrink)

What Kinda of courses are our students taking with GOA?

  • Computer Science: Computational Thinking
  • International Relations
  • Medical Problem Solving
  • Social Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Fiction Writing
  • Gender Studies
  • Graphic Design
  • Bioethics
  • Arabic Language through Culture
  • Japanese: Language through Culture

Glenda Baker
Site Director for GOA at UNIS Hanoi