UNIS Hanoi Represented in Global Online Academy’s Catalyst Conference 

We are excited to share that a number of our UNIS Hanoi HS students are participating in this global conference that aims to bring together students from around the world in a fully online setting to share, connect, learn from, and promote advocacy and local activism.

The Catalyst Conference is an online exhibition and this year some of our GOA students are participating in this year.

This year 400+ students from 76 GOA schools, including UNIS Hanoi, from 18 countries will present highlights from projects pursued in various courses, including Positive Psychology, 9/11 in a Global Context, US History, and Medical Problem Solving.

Three UNIS Hanoi students, Nothando Lekgoro, Solène Shelly and Alicia Knight in Grade 10 have entered the conference this year. Alicia and Solène have both been taking Abnormal Psychology with GOA this semester. Alicia’s project is about the rising rates of anxiety and depression amongst adolescents–specifically students, while Solène’s project is about teaching young children about mindfulness and mental health disorders. Nothando has been studying Digital Photography with GOA and her Catalyst Project is how cooking can improve your lifestyle.

Each project features a “beautiful question” that invites participants to consider the student’s inquiry focus and to learn how the student researched and responded to that question, a process aimed at generating new ideas for responding locally to real world challenges.

There are easy ways to navigate the site and find topics of interest. Each project includes a feedback request, which invites the audience to provide feedback students can use to continue their work after the conference concludes.

The conference runs from April 23-27, 2020 (midnight UTC, which is 5 pm Pacific Time). We invite parents and community members to explore the site: https://goaconference.org/

Online Learning Not New for HS Students!

Online learning is not a new concept for all High School students. At the start of this academic year, as many as 30 high school students have been taking online classes with Global Online academy. 

Course taken include:

  • Gender Studies
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • 9/11 in a Global Context
  • Linear Algebra
  • Medical Problem Solving
  • Arabic Language through Culture II
  • Japanese Language through Culture II

In addition to these, some of our High School students have been taking IB Diploma courses supported by an online learning platform called Pamoja. Each week students gain access to new online learning activities which guide them to engage in a specific part of the syllabus. Students have flexibility in determining how and when to complete these tasks. They also interact with other students online and receive feedback on assessment tasks from their Pamoja teacher. Occasionally students participate in live lessons with their Pamoja teacher and can ask questions in real time.