CAS Spotlight – A Passion for Fashion with Matias Belete

Engagement in CAS and the end result of these experiences can often lead to a sense of achievement, a deeper understanding of collaboration, a lasting impact on the community and for some a potential career path!

That might be the case with G12 student, Matias Belete, who has been using CAS as a catalyst to start his own fashion brand. 

I am very excited to see how far I can go with this and wanted to use CAS to document my progress.

Matias started this experience first and foremost as a creator and designer stating, “I truly enjoy designing no matter what kind of design it is. The reason I enjoy it so much is because it allows for me to clear my head and just try new things out consistently with no one telling me what to do. I also feel that I enjoy it so much because I enjoy art and the new ideas or styles that can be made up.

His brand is called Foreign Resource and he is using everyday life as inspiration for his designs.

The latest design I have made I feel is one of the stronger ones due to its relation to the point of the brand. Using a photograph of a plant in my house, I was able to create this design on illustrator. This relates to the brands first collection of clothing encompassing natural resources such as plants or mountains.”

Matias is now realizing there is more to this game than just a good looking tee – namely business strategy and a sustainable approach.

Although the design process and creative aspect is a major part of making a clothing brand, the business side and perspective equally as crucial. Over the past 3 months beginning this brand, I have begun to realize that it is more than making designs. Getting funding and backing from others is difficult, and when considering loans it is important to weigh the possible success against the higher probability of failure.” 

His experience with this creative project makes him a great person to take a leadership role within the school’s newest service learning group, Fashion Revolution! This service group addresses ethical decisions in the fashion industry and advocates for fair, clean, safe and transparent trade practices. 

This is a great example of passion, creativity and service meeting as one!

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