G11 Extended Essay and Senior Project Work Morning

Grade 11 students spend Monday May 11 off schedule working on the research for the Extended Essay or their Senior Project. The EE/SP starts in Grade 11 and is completed in Grade 12 as a mandatory component for graduation from UNIS Hanoi.  

Students spent the morning on their own individual research as well as conferencing with their supervisors. 

Some comments from the students included:

Having time to work specifically for the EE was good because I could just focus on one thing and finish what I need to finish.”

“I was able to talk to my subject teachers which was very helpful, and I had a time dedicated for EE research that helped a lot as well.”

“I loved the atmosphere of the room. It was quiet and led me to ONLY focus on EE. Also, I loved that I could get individual comments on my EE.”

“Having a scheduled block of time to meet with my supervisor and then immediately work on my EE was helpful as I could implement the ideas from our discussion easily. I also appreciated getting a break from regular classes so that I could focus on my EE and get my thoughts and ideas in order in preparation for the deadlines next week.”


Extended Essay and Senior Project A Celebration for Grade 12 and a Launch for Grade 11

The Grade 12 students have reached a milestone in completing all the requirements of the Extended Essay or Senior Project. This is a graduation requirement for all UNIS students. This sustained piece of academic research saw the students write on a broad range of topics. Drop by the library to see some of the questions that the students spent nearly a year researching and writing.

The Grade 11 students had an opportunity to learn from the Grade 12 students. Armed with a series of questions such as Other than time management, what were the challenges that you faced in completing the EE/SP? And What was the most interesting part of the EE/SP? The students went on the hunt to find out about the research process and what the next year of research and writing will look like for them as a student. After hearing from the Grade 12 students Grade 11 participated in a series of workshops on the EE/SP process, reflection in the EE/SP as well as an exciting opportunity to address some of the global problems in the world through the World Studies Essay. The students will have until early December to decide on a subject area for the EE/SP. If you know one of the G11 students please engage them in conversation, ask them about what the global issues that they are passionate about and what to research. 

Grade 12 Extended Essay Work Day

Grade 12s who are undertaking the full IB Diploma have been working hard on their Extended Essays. “The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper” (IBO). The Extended Essay Work Day provides students with focused time, access to supervisors to get targeted feedback and support prior to the draft deadline.

Here are some comments from students:

The EE day provided me with a lot of independent time to think and write which resulted in me almost finishing my evaluation and conclusion. During the day we were given useful resources (for example, a session learning about the format) and chances to ask questions which would have been more difficult to obtain without this day! (Flora Hamilton)

The EE workday helped me a great deal. It forced me to work on my essay which allowed me to polish my work and be happy with it. It was a great stress-free experience which I am sure was useful to all. It was nice having the opportunity to ask for help when needed. (Bohemond Iskandar)

The EE Workday helped me out tremendously as I am at a stage of hammering out the writing. I found the allocated time to be very generous and gave me the opportunity to relieve pressure off of other school work to only work on the EE. Furthermore, not only was I productive and focused, having time to take my own break was very helpful. I find that sometimes it is hard to focus on a fixed schedule so having my own timings were very helpful. Overall, enjoyed the day! (Richard Dang)