AOK of Focus Presentation: A Snapshot of the Work in Process!

To what extent do we subconsciously apply Theory of Knowledge in other subjects and how does it align with the elements of the Knowledge Framework? The lastest assessment Grade 11 students are working on allows them to explore their chosen Area of Knowledge in-depth. They are expected to look at the elements of Knowledge Framework explained in the Laagemat textbook and the IB TOK guide, which are categorised into the scope, specific concepts and language, methodology, historical development, and the relationship between the shared knowledge of the AOK. With the freedom they are given, students are finding interesting real-life case studies that reflect the elements of their AOK. 

This assessment further requires the students to look at those who are considered experts and answer the question: ‘ What is the role of disagreement between experts in the production of knowledge in your subject of focus?’. In order to answer such questions, students have been conducting interviews with their subject area teacher to better understand the application of the theories as well as what makes one an expert. 

Gaby Chanen, a student who has chosen to focus on the Arts explains, “I chose to explore theatre as I genuinely enjoy taking the class. Through my interview with my subject area teacher, Ms. TP, I was able to learn the production of knowledge and theories specific to theatre, as well as to what extent these theories are accepted and utilised within the community.”

This research is to continue through winter break and will be shared within each class once we come back. If interested, please stop by to look at the different case studies and interpretations of each student!