Grade 12 Final DP Music Solo Performance Folios

This will be the first in our series of upcoming Grade 12 DP Student Arts Events. We hope you will join us in celebrating their work!

DP Music provides an opportunity for young musicians to develop a deeper understanding and mastery of knowledge, theory and skills as performers, creators and listeners. Students roll up their sleeves and dig into 500+ years of Western Art Music as well as music from around the world, leading to greater understanding, more thoughtful performing and more creative composing.

The grade 12 DP Music students have worked extremely hard over the last two years and will be sharing their final folios through an online programme platform. We will be sharing the Google Site on April 24th to the UNIS community!
Please be sure to book the date, take time to watch our students performance, and share your appreciate of their efforts via our school’s social media communities.

FAQ: How DP Grades will be awarded

Earlier this week UNIS Hanoi’s DP Coordinator, Elliott Cannell wrote to Grade 12 families to share more information on how Grade 12 students will receive their DP grades following recent updates from the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB). Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Will students be awarded an IB Diploma?

Students who fulfil the requirements will receive an IB Diploma. A total points score will be awarded out of 45, as normal. All students will receive an IB Transcript with their grade (1-7) for each subject. Results are expected to be published to students on 6 July, like any other year.

How will students be awarded their DP subject grades? 

The IB will award each student with a grade (1-7) for each of their DP subjects using a calculation that takes into account their coursework marks (IAs, Orals, WT, WAs, etc.) and their predicted grades from their teachers at UNIS Hanoi. Teachers will use evidence of learning accumulated since the start of Grade 11 to predict the final grade that each student would have achieved had the DP exams taken place. The DP predicted grades that UNIS sends to the IBO will not be distributed to Grade 12 students in keeping with previous practise at UNIS Hanoi.

What about students who perform better in exams than coursework? 

The IB has said they will use a calculation ‘based on the relationship between coursework marks, predicted grades and subject grades to estimate the subject grades candidates would have received if the exams had gone ahead. If the relationship between these elements shows that in previous years candidates globally tended to achieve higher outcomes on their exams than their coursework, the calculation used this session will reflect that.’

How will coursework (IAs, Orals, WT, WAs, etc.) be marked?

The IB is taking a more individualized approach to marking Internal Assessments (IA) this year in Chinese B, French B, Spanish B, Spanish Ab Initio, Business Management, Economics, History, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, ESS, Physics, Math HL, Math SL, and Math Studies. The IB will mark the IAs of all students in these subjects, instead of requiring UNIS teachers to mark these IAs and then applying moderation. This process will give students a more individualized grade.

Can students make last minute improvements to their coursework (IAs, Orals, WT, WAs, etc.)? 

The IB has asked all schools to ‘ensure that students do not receive any additional feedback or support beyond what they would normally receive’. Many items of coursework by UNIS students have already been submitted to the IB. It is essential that UNIS submits all remaining coursework to the IBO as soon as possible so that students can receive their results on time.

If you have any further questions, please contact Elliott Cannell by email. 

Elliott Cannell

G11 Exams Postponed until Next Academic Year

In light of resumed campus closure, families with Grade 11 students were informed earlier in the week that examinations that were scheduled to take place this month have been cancelled. In its place, teachers will be conducting a range of online assessments to ensure recent learning has been grasped by every student. Additionally, students will be introduced to new units and new material. The reshuffle of the schedule is within guidelines set by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Elliott Cannell, the School’s IB DP Coordinator explained, “The IB Diploma is a programme that must be completed over two academic years. The IBO provides us with a curriculum framework, assessments and policies, but as a School, they give us the flexibility to decide how we structure the learning over the two year duration.”

He added, “Through online assessments, teachers are collecting evidence of learning on topics that have been taught in the last month. Formal exams in Grade 11 are not an IB requirement, but have long been considered a good opportunity for students to practice the habit of taking tests. We still believe it’s good practice, but one that can be postponed.”

Same learning, different modality

Brian Chanen, an IB Exam Author for the past 16 years, and a parent of a Grade 11 student agreed with the School’s tough decision. He said that, although there’s clearly a place for exam practice, the most important element for students is learning by engaging with the material. He continued, “The kind of exams students were set to take this month serve a different purpose to the final exams they will take at the end of Grade 12. These assessments would have helped teachers and students determine what students know and are able to do, so that teachers can plan for growth. Summative assessments can be used to achieve this goal.

With knowledge of the rigorous learning that’s taking place at UNIS Hanoi, he is confident that the School’s IB Diploma students are resilient and in the ‘best place possible’ for dealing with changes to their schedule as a result of COVID-19.

His best expert advice? “The single biggest piece of advice I can give to students is to engage with learning, not assessment and preparation.”


G10 Course Requests

Students in Grade 10 have been submitting their requests for academic courses in 2020/21. Grade 10 students were able to do this remotely by completing a Google Form shared by the DP Coordinator.

Since autumn 2019, Grade 10 students have been involved in a series of events and conversations aimed at supporting their pathway to graduation. This included Q&A sessions during High School Counselling lessons, the G10 Carousel, a discussion led by a panel of G12 students, the G10 Parents Information Evening, individual consultations with their High School Counsellor, as well as many conversations with DP teachers and DP students. The High School will now begin the process of scheduling students based on their requests for academic courses.

Extended Essay Submitted

Grade 12 is celebrating a major milestone this week. They started a journey in December 2018, investigating a topic of their choice to produce a research paper of 4,000 words. The process has included learning research methodologies, completing surveys, delving into databases, performing experiments, conquering the intricacies of formatting documents for table of contents. Today the Grade 12 students celebrating handing in the final result of the months of work. 

The process will continue as the students reflect on the process in a final Viva Voce interview with their supervisors. They will also take part in sharing the wealth of knowledge with the Grade 11 students as they start their research journey in October after Fall Break.

International Relation Discussions Continue…

The first cohort of the IBDP Global Politics class has been exploring different concepts relating to international relations. Through interactive discussions, these political scientists were able to challenge themselves with these concepts that require an abundance of knowledge. The discussions involved concepts of sovereignty and self-help through the lens of power.

In this week’s lessons, these political scientists have demonstrated the skills to reflect upon their own work as well as their peers’. After a successful week of indulging in the “Diplomacy” simulation, these political scientists have utilised their negotiation and critical thinking skills to gain alliances and explore the major basics of Global Politics.

Written by Kiet Nguyen

Marketing Strategies Exploration

As a part of Year 2 DP Business management, students are carrying out presentations exploring the marketing strategies used in different major multinational companies of their choice including Netflix, Starbucks,etc.

During this process, students had the opportunity to investigate on the application of a variety of tools which support their understanding of the marketing aspect of the companies such as marketing mix (7ps), SWOT analysis and positioning map along with the CUEGIS concepts consisting of change, culture, ethics, globalisation, innovation, thus, help them prepare for their May 2020 final exams.

In addition to the knowledge gained through the exploration, by working in small groups, students had developed their collaboration skills which is essential to every person’s life.

Want to know more about this project? Visit B5 – G29

Written by Ha Chang

Marketing Concepts Study in DP Business Management

DP Business Management students are continuing to their review and reproaching concepts they may have left behind. 

This week students in small groups are using case studies and real-life problems to connect with the concepts of Marketing. The students are evaluating a company’s marketing plan and analysing the decisions a company makes. This includes the 7Ps, International marketing & e-commerce.

After presenting several marketing strategies and introducing new case studies students will not only to able to improve their presenting skills but learn about other case studies. It is important for students to have knowledge of multiples cases and as more knowledge will help with exams.

UNIS Hanoi’s (and the IB’s) Newest Class: DP Global Politics

18 UNIS Hanoi juniors are part of the first cohort at UNIS Hanoi to take the IB Diploma Programme’s newest class: Global Politics.

Global Politics combines discussion, research, debate, presentation techniques, leadership & collaboration skills towards the development of each students’ personal political paradigm.

Topics include human rights, sovereignty, the United Nations, development, power, peace & international relations.

Global Politics meets in B5-G29. Come join us!