MSHS Counselling Corner

I trust that parents will join me in appreciating the efforts of my G6-9 Counsellor colleague, Ms Paula Wilcox and wish her a happy maternity leave.  As much as Paula will be missed, let’s all ensure that the ‘cover’ Counsellor – Ms. Susan Renaud, feels welcomed into our UNIS Hanoi Community. Susan is due to start with us on 7 January and I am looking forward to supporting her transition, and working in partnership with her.    

With regards to dates in your diaries, the MSHS Counselling team will be facilitating a series of parent workshops in 2019 starting on 25 January, whereby we will be focusing on supporting the holistic development of ‘boys to men’.  If parents interested in attending wish to share what objectives they would like from the workshop, please contact me before the 11 January at

G9 Counselling lessons have, focused upon skill building including how to reduce procrastination – a topic which specific students and parents have recently raised with Counsellors.  Middle School Counselling lessons have recently been building upon UN Day, in considering how we embrace that students will be celebrating the upcoming holiday from differing perspectives and cultures. So on this note, l finish by wishing our UNIS community a very joyful December-January break, and the Counselling team looks forward to a successful 2019!

Kirk Jackson
Grade 6 – 9 Counsellor

Parenting Talks with the MS/HS Counsellors

Once a month, the MS/HS Counselling team will design a workshop to share with our parent community.  These topics range from the social/emotional spectrum of adolescent issues to the academic and co-curricular life of our UNIS Hanoi students. This workshops are constructed in a way to help promote an awareness for our parent community and create a partnership between the school and home environment. We value this time as we are able to share our perspectives as school counsellors at UNIS Hanoi with our parent community and offer continued support, when needed. Parents are always welcome to schedule individual appointments with their child’s counsellor at any point during the school year.  

Beginning in September, we will be offering to our parent community our Digital Awareness Series of Workshops. Paul Swanson, the MS/HS Tech Coordinator will co-present each workshop alongside the counsellors. Beginning in December, we would like to offer our MS/HS Parenting Talks around topics that our parents feel would be most beneficial. Please complete this Form

  • September 21 – Understanding the iGen
  • October 19 – Parent Resources – Balancing Technology in the Digital Age
  • November 23 – Cyberbullying

Come meet our MS/HS Counselling Team! You can find your child’s assigned counsellor in Veracross listed as “Advisor”

Mr. Kirk Jackson – Grades 6-9

Ms. Paula Wilcox – Grades 6-9

Ms. Casey Nolen Jackson – Grade 10 -12

Ms. Brenda Manfredi – Grade 10 -12