From the High School Principal

Dear High School Community,

During the last week of school students have engaged in extended learning in the High School. Our Grade 11s continued with their regular courses since they are on a two year journey across subjects. On Monday and Tuesday the Grade 9s have some dedicated time to refine goals and identify the global context for their Personal Projects with a special Bootcamp that included conferencing with Personal Project supervisors. 

And the Grade 10s were given a glimpse into the core areas of the IB–EE, CAS, TOK with a special Grade 11 Bootcamp. Here’s what a few students shared about those experiences.  

I got an idea on what I should do for my EE next year, how to link my activities from this year to CAS and a chance to  explore my interest in regards to CAS

I was wondering what kind of things we do in TOK, but the workshop today solved my curiosity.

It helped me think about what topics I would explore for the Extended Essay and I realised I should think and read more about my interest topics.

I am excited because:

“I am able to choose what subjects I want to study further into and there are a variety of subjects such as global politics that I will learn that I did not in MYP.”

I’m excited to learn about subjects that I really have interest in and learn TOK since I’m interested in philosophy.

Learning more about the subjects I am interested in, “exploring my interests in CAS

Writing the EE and getting the opportunity to explore new things because of CAS

On our final day together, grade levels gathered in Homebases that honored leaving students and allowed for time to celebrate the end of the academic year. And as many students plan to join Summer School, extended learning and connections will continue. 

Our students have demonstrated their resilience and flexibility this year that we are all proud of. We wish those leaving UNIS Hanoi the very warmest wishes as they join new school communities knowing they can remain connected to friends and this school community regardless of the distance between us.

Many thanks for your support this year.

Warm wishes,

Scott and Glenda

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