From the High School Principals

Dear High School Community,

As we look back over the last few weeks we have held and hosted various events and activities that have been about celebrating students’ achievements, recognizing their interests, creative endeavors, and acknowledging their service efforts. This week the Grade 9-10 Band, Choir and Orchestra Showcase highlighted the creativity and dedication of our musicians. Please take time to check out their work.

On a very different note, in the background have been the troubling events happening in the US that Ms McGee has already written about in her message from the Head of School and which have been weighing on the minds of many in our community. During the HS Assembly today one student gathered peers and teachers in solidarity to remind the student body of the need to not remain silent in the face of injustices. Please take a few minutes to watch the moving tribute to Black Lives Matter and the message of solidarity from our students’ High School Assembly today.

In High School our students are becoming independent young adults and as such we expect them to not only exhibit and demonstrate commitment to the UN Values but also to role model them for our younger students.

Tolerance, acceptance and kindness are non-negotiable expectations for all our students and this includes not remaining silent and taking action when they see or hear injustice of any kind.

We share again with you some resources that you might find useful in order to discuss racism and the role that our High School students can take in making the world a better place: 

Or start by watching this short film about what it means to live in a community of No Bystanders and how we can support our students to better understand what this means: The Bystander Effect

Mr Scott Schaffner
Ms Glenda Baker

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