GPS Student Shares the Week’s Learning

This week in GPS the students have started a new unit – Peace and Conflict. Content wise, the new unit has proven to be the largest by far, tying together everything else we’ve done this year. The students have also developed a strong understanding of what peace is and its forms, those being negative peace, positive peace and sustainable peace as well as learning about violence in more depth and detail. Eventually learning that violence runs deeper than just physical but can be deeply rooted within systems and cultures. Along with this, the students have also begun to make great strides in finishing the preliminary steps for their engagement activity, an activity where the students will focus on one pertinent issue happening in the world. All the while tying together multiple GPS concepts from all the units in order to make a potent and compelling analysis of the situation. 

The students have just finished their stakeholder profiles and have begun to fill out the EA board, which helps to track each student’s progress in a simplified manner. The students will spend their last four GPS classes of the year building a ground work for peace and conflict which will be further developed throughout the next year of global politics, as well as planning out the goals each student will have for the summer, weather that be fleshing out their action plans or meeting with high ranking government officials in a rousing interview. However whatever the case, the fruits of each GPSers labour will surely show in time as they get step by step closer to completing their monumental engagement activity.

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