The Personal Project Exhibition – The Journey Goes Online

After a 10 month journey, students in Grade 10 have successfully completed their Personal Projects and are ready to showcase the results of their hard work at the annual Personal Project Exhibition.

Each student has created a short video describing their project, discussing their process and the product they created. These videos will be uploaded to a specially dedicated YouTube channel on Wednesday, April 22 to give the entire UNIS Hanoi community the opportunity to view the students’ work and celebrate their successes with them.

The diversity of the Projects mirrors the diverse interests and passions of our student body. Our students wrote novels, created music, and directed documentary films about the world around them; designed service projects to help their communities become healthier and more sustainable; build furniture and shoes our of recycled materials; each project is unique like each of our students.

UNIS Hanoi’s Personal Project Coordinator, Griffin Loynes, applauded the remarkable efforts of the students and their ability to complete the journey in the current climate.

He added, “On behalf of the students, I’d like to welcome the entire community to their exhibition. Please check out our YouTube channel beginning on Wednesday, April 22 to peruse the great array of diverse projects that have been produced and listen to what our students say about their work.  Please consider adding comments to the students’ video, providing positive feedback to our students, praising the passion, dedication, and learning that went into each Project.”

The link to the Personal Project Exhibition Channel will also be emailed to all Grade 10 parents and students.

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