Grade 12 Final DP Music Solo Performance Folios

This will be the first in our series of upcoming Grade 12 DP Student Arts Events. We hope you will join us in celebrating their work!

DP Music provides an opportunity for young musicians to develop a deeper understanding and mastery of knowledge, theory and skills as performers, creators and listeners. Students roll up their sleeves and dig into 500+ years of Western Art Music as well as music from around the world, leading to greater understanding, more thoughtful performing and more creative composing.

The grade 12 DP Music students have worked extremely hard over the last two years and will be sharing their final folios through an online programme platform. We will be sharing the Google Site on April 24th to the UNIS community!
Please be sure to book the date, take time to watch our students performance, and share your appreciate of their efforts via our school’s social media communities.
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