Enriching Distance Learning in the Middle School and High School

UNIS Hanoi has been providing a robust, engaging distance learning program for our Middle and High school students. Most students are working hard to meet the academic rigors of each class. While many teachers are already providing regular enrichment opportunities, some students are curious and hungry for more. Starting last week, we (Enrichment Coaches) developed the Enrich email newsletter for students.  The Enrich newsletter will be sent to students every Thursday.

The Enrich newsletter provides students a carefully curated list of enrichment resources that they can pursue at their own leisure.  It is an invitation to explore an area of passion or delve deeper into a topic. We have lots of wonderful enrichment resources to share and will select a few to include in each edition.  If you have a specific request, you are more than welcome to reach out to us through email: Mr. Taggart (HS Enrichment Coach) or Ms. Kimberly (MS Enrichment Coach).

We applied recent professional learning through Global Online Academy (GOA) when developing the Enrich newsletter. “Wayfinding”, “Curation” and “Student agency”  are important concepts to support successful distance learning. Wayfinding is the idea that setting up predictable routines to make it easier to navigate distance learning. For this reason, the newsletter will follow a similar layout weekly. Next, curation is the idea that resources should be carefully selected and presented. Too many resources can be overwhelming. So while we have lots of wonderful enrichment resources to share, we will share a select few each week. Finally, student agency gives students choice in what, when and how they learn. The Enrich newsletter provides enrichment resources and allows students to choose what they explore on their own time. Of course, we are always available for a quick chat through Google hangouts if students want some guidance or support as they explore the resources. 

 Looking for more ways to support your child at home…

  • CTD Backpack – A  worldwide online community for bright and curious students and their families developed by the Center for Talent Development (CTD). In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, CTD has reduced the membership fee from $40 to $3 (one-time fee) through May.
  • Bright Now – A podcast about parenting and educating bright and curious kids from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
  • Parenting during an Apocalypse This just provides some practical advice on what you can do with your child. 
  • Or If you are feeling like me, Kimberly Yash:

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