Discussing Human Rights in Global Politics and Society

In our Global Politics and Societies class, we explore key topics and concepts, such as power, sovereignty, legitimacy, etc. Our current unit is human rights, in particular, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations in 1948.

Before the winter break, each student investigated one human rights article of their choice in-depth and presented it to their classmates in a GIFA presentation. These articles included the Right to seek asylum (article 14), the Presumption of Innocence and International Crimes (article 11), the Right to freedom of opinion and expression and 27 others. In these presentations, a number of interesting discussions came to life and great knowledge was shared between the class comrades. 

In addition to the GIFA presentation, the students created a fact sheet about their human rights article, which contained information about the rights genealogy, key concepts that are at stake and the case study. 

This week the students of the Global Politics and Societies class had the opportunity to give their class comrades feedback for their factsheet. As a class, we went over some student’s factsheets together and discussed its strengths and possible improvements. 

Another highlight in this week’s Global Politics class was the visit from Mr. A’s father, who came to visit his son from America for a few weeks. The students had the opportunity to hear about his experiences about missile attack drills throughout his time as a student. This led to a discussion about the United States-Vietnam War and the current conflict between the United States and Iran. 

Please feel free to pop into one of our lessons anytime at B5-G29 to experience one of our political discussions in person!

Written by Josefine Schmitz

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