GIFA Presentations Round II

In this past week, our second round of GIFA Rapporteur presentations began. In this presentation, we had to select a specific article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to talk about. Once these articles were selected, each student had to formulate a fact sheet that would essentially encompass what is being covered in their presentations, including the case study that they had chosen.

The first round of rapporteurs had a challenge ahead of them as they had to be setting the bar for the following presentations to come. This was no easy task, however, the three rapporteurs managed to complete their presentations, and to a high standard. 

Throughout the week, we had a lot of time to work on our fact sheets and presentations as a whole. This allowed the following rounds of presenters to refine the information that they collected and ensured that their case studies were compelling and able to encapsulate the essence of the right that they were talking about. 

Because of the time and effort put in by the rapporteurs, the next two rounds of presentations were extremely successful, not only for the rapporteurs but also for the rest of the class. Due to the presentations being so informative, everyone was able to learn at least one new thing in each presentation that they listened to. 

Overall, this week was a major success for the class as a whole, because of all the effort put in by the students in order to make good use of our time during the class, and create many fruitful discussions during the presentations. 

Please feel free to pop into one of our lessons anytime at B5-G29 to experience one of our GIFA rounds in person!

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