DP Economics: Rational Discussions about Rationing Systems

Which economic or “rationing” system best distributes resources to the most needy? Which rationing system best manages scarcity? Which system best maximises utility? Which system best rewards entrepreneurship & effort? Which system best minimises the impacts of choice & opportunity cost? Which system is the biggest threat to sustainability?

Answers to these & other fundamental economic questions were deeply debated & discussed by members of the UNIS Economic Forum (UEF) this week through a series of discussions about the merits & negative externalities of Free Market, Command/Centrally Planned, Keynesian Market & Social Market rationing (economic) systems.

While no definitive conclusion was reached, all participants came away with a much better understanding of the choices available to producers, consumers & the government within each system.

UEF meets in B5 G16 & G29. Please join us & find out the opportunity cost of taking part!

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