Summer Shopping – Dress for Success in 2019-20

UNIS Hanoi is a diverse international school. As such, there are students and adults on campus representing many different religions and cultures. All members of our learning community must be respectful of cultural and religious customs and comfort levels.

A number of years ago, our students created the dress code which we communicate in our High School Handbook (p.20) and as you prepare for next year, please be sure to include your wardrobe choices.

For your reference, it is copied below:

Students should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. They should also dress neatly and respect the diversity of the UNIS Hanoi community. Clothes should not be torn, dirty or unkempt. Extremes in styles should be avoided. Revealing clothing cannot be worn. No cleavage or underwear can be exposed.

The following represent standards of dress:

    • Shorts should fit properly with a reasonable inseam. Underwear cannot be visible nor can any part of the buttocks.
    • Shirts that expose the stomach or are low cut should not be worn.
    • T-shirt slogans should be respectful. No drug, alcohol, tobacco or slogans containing sexual innuendos.
    • Caps and hats should not be worn inside classrooms.
    • Students and teachers who are unsure about the appropriateness of dress should refer to the Deputy Principal who will make a final determination.
    • During special events, (school socials, dances and special dress days) dress code regulations may be altered.
    • Students who dress inappropriately will be asked to change immediately.
    • Footwear must be worn at all times. No bare feet on campus.

Dress codes in High Schools are historic friction points. Common sense and cultural awareness will guide the UNIS Hanoi standard of dress. Students not willing to attend to common sense dress code standards will be asked to change clothing and parents will be notified. These guidelines will be reiterated with students at the start of the school year.

Please note: Flip flops (thongs) are not allowed in the Design Technology or Science labs.

(High School Handbook 2018-19, p. 20)



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