HS End-of-Year Reports

One of the High School goals this year has been to open the Veracross Gradebook and develop consistency in how teachers report evidence of learning to support student achievement.

As the school year draws to a close, High School teachers have been busy finalising grades for the End-of-Year reports. These will be published next week prior to the last day of school for students and will be available via the Veracross Parent Portal. If you have questions about a final grade please contact the teacher directly.

Our commitment:

The Veracross Gradebook fosters student learning by making the learning process more transparent and meaningful. Teacher use of the Veracross Gradebook aims to promote communication amongst all stakeholders by recording evidence of student learning. Growth-oriented teacher feedback promotes student reflection of the learning progress and the refocusing of learning goals.

HS Reporting and Evidence of Learning

 LEARNING BELIEFS   ⧫   The UNIS Hanoi High School believes:

  1. grades should be transparent and meaningful
  2. grades should never be a surprise for a student
  3. collaborative, performative, and audience-specific assessments can provide valuable evidence of student learning
  4. teachers can make professional judgements that are transparent for students, parents, and teachers by recording varied evidence of learning.

LEARNING PRACTICES  ⧫   The UNIS Hanoi High School:

  1. collects varied evidence of learning relative to IB grade descriptors, mark bands, and criteria
  2. offers students a range of methods for demonstrating their learning
  3. uses on-going teacher feedback, peer assessment, and self assessment to allow for students to own and use data to inform their learning choices
  4. issues report grades that reflect the latest and most consistent fit between all evidence of learning and IB grade descriptors, mark bands, and criteria (e.g. we do not average grades)
  5. strives for authenticity in assessments
  6. does not include prediction of future performance in our reporting.
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