Special End of the year schedule for Grade 11

Dear Grade 11 Parents,

I am writing to share information about the final weeks of the academic year.

From Wed 15 May until summer break, students in Grade 11 will follow a different schedule. Each day they will have one lesson in each of their three Higher Level subjects. This continuous period of learning will give students the opportunity to develop their academic skills and to take a deep dive into the three subjects they have chosen to study at Higher Level.

On Mon 13 May, students in Grade 11 will spend the morning in an Extended Essay work session. This will help students to meet the May 17 deadline by which time all research is expected to be complete and students will have an outline of their essay. The Extended Essay Coordinator will be available on Mon 13 May to support G11 students towards this goal.

The Group 4 Project is a collaborative science event that will take place on the afternoon of Mon 13 and on Tue 14 May. Grade 11 students will work together to host a Science Olympiad for students in Grade 6. Participation and reflection on the Group 4 Project are essential requirements for the IB Diploma.

Information about all of these events has been shared with Grade 11 students. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

Best wishes,

Elliott Cannell
DP Coordinator


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