Vietnam Military Museum – Stories of Resilience and Grit


Grade 12 DP History class spent Tuesday morning exploring the Vietnam Military Museum.  One of the museum curators took time to give us a guided tour. The study of history is more than just the study of facts. Students learn to think critically about all the sources of information that they are presented with as historians. The museum allows for very interesting perspectives on the First and Second IndoChina War.  Although the students felt they could have spent more time at the museum the students got a different perspective on Vietnam’s history. Some of the discussions in the bus on the way back to school centered around how do we know what is the right history? How do we define nationalism? Allowing the students to think critically and question is at the core of the DP History course and the DP program.

The photo is taken is of a young Vietnamese girl who was barefoot and pulling parts of the B-52 that had been shot down out of a body of water. Resilience and grit are themes we saw throughout the museum in all the displays and conversations that the tour guide explained. Whether it be the story of villagers learning to read and write after independence to the military victory at Điện Biên Phủ the students saw the resilience of people who were struggling for their independence.

Donna Frose

DP History/Theory of Knowledge Teacher

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