Guidelines for Formal Assessments

Dear High School Parents,

The High School has introduced guidelines to be followed whenever a formal assessment is given in class. All High School student were sent the email below.  Please read it and discuss it with your daughter/son.

If you’d like to learn more about why students are academically dishonest, you can read more here – and be sure to take the quiz at the end!

Email to students:

Dear HS students,

In an effort to provide clarity for both students and teachers, we have created guidelines to be followed when there is a “formal assessment” or a test in class. 

Much of the document comes from the IB, which follows very similar standards for IB exams which take place at the end of grade 12.

Please feel free to ask questions with your teachers, mentor, counsellor, and/or administration about this. It is important that HS students are clear about the rules surrounding academic dishonesty.  

Bottom line: if you are feeling stressed, falling behind, and/or under pressure due to grades & feel a temptation to cheat, speak to your teacher, mentor or counsellor. Don’t do it.

Scott Schaffner
High School Principal

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