Hanoi Science Debate about Controversial Scientific Innovations

On 27 October, the Hanoi Science Debate 2018 took place. Four local schools and UNIS Hanoi participated in the event that consists of a jeopardy quiz and debates about controversial scientific innovations. During the jeopardy quiz, all participants were fully engaged and excited to quickly solve unfamiliar biology, physics, chemistry, and miscellaneous questions! We were proud to see the UNIS Hanoi team win first place for this quiz.

Then started the main event of the day: debates! Groups were informed of whether they are negative or affirmative on the spot, and so had to be able to quickly plan persuasive points to make. Both UNIS Hanoi teams (Team 1 and 2) tried their best, and had good results. The final standing was as follows: first place team was UNIS 1, second place team was Concordia 2, and two teams Concordia 1 and SIS 1 were at third place.

The Hanoi Science Debate Leadership Team (Jina Park, Yeon Su Park, Uyen Trinh, Gia Han Le, and Joonwon Choi) have put effort in preparing and successfully hosting the event.

Thank you to all who have helped to make this event a good one!

Jina Park

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