Hanoi Science Debate at UNIS Hanoi

The annual Hanoi Science Debate is happening this weekend on Saturday October 27. For the fourth year hosting the event, UNIS Hanoi is looking forward to having 4 international high schools coming to participate in a full day of science.

UNIS Hanoi Science Debate Team

The morning will start off with a Jeopardy Quiz based on topics in physics, biology, and chemistry. Moving on from this fun, the afternoon will consist of heated debates on the following topics:

  • Is DNA Microarray reliable or unreliable for use within society?
  • Which scientific solutions to urban mining is the most effective? Chemical/Physical solutions (i.e. hydrometallurgy, thermal treatments) or biological solutions (i.e. biomining, degrading microorganisms) are most effective?
  • Is Carl Sagan’s Solar Sail Spacecraft applicable in real life?

The primary focus of these debate topics is on efficiency, price, implementation, and the feasibility of solutions. We hope to end of the event with a final debate where two teams from any school battle it out on an unknown topic. If you wish to watch the finals, come join us at 16.00 in the theatre.

Congratulations in advance to all the debaters who have worked hard thus far in preparation for the event. Good luck tomorrow!

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