Week 9 – 15th to 19th October

Welcome, 5B Community,


In UOI this week, 5B began the research and narrative construction components for their Migration Museum assessment. Students have been tasked with examining their migrant through the lens of the UOI’s key concepts: Causation (the reasons for the migration), Change (how migration results in change) and Perspective (the views related to human migration). Students have a rubric and supporting steps to support their story development. You will be invited to attend your child’s presentation set for the morning of the 30th of October. Please save this date as further information will come next week.


In literacy, this week we continue to explore new vocabulary through word inquiry and students have also been reviewing elements of writing that are needed to develop their narratives. The focus will remain centred around time connectives, emotive language and oral expression. Students are using their guided reading strategies as they research migration information.


In Math, we have been learning how to read decimal and fraction numbers, along with new symbols to represent known operations. Students have begun to explore how to use a number line to represent their understanding of part/whole and negative numbers. Students are also connecting to their UOI by finding and accurately reading data related to their migrant’s journey. This gives students the opportunity to apply their mathematical skills and understanding in context.

Home Learning

Reading responses are a required part of your child’s home learning and development of reading. Some students are making a considerable effort which is supporting their reading development. Please read your childs responses on their Seesaw platform and make a comment. Research shows that the effect of a parent’s engagement on their child’s learning is almost 6 times as much as the effect of schools. On top of this, studies have proven that when parents are involved in their child’s education, students tend to have more positive attitudes and behaviour, and achieve more overall, regardless of their socio-economic status or ethnic background.

Some of you may have noticed that the Chromebooks are beginning coming home this week. I have granted some students permission to continue their school work at home, if necessary. Students will only be permitted to take the Chromebooks home if they have school work to go on with. Please be reminded that students are not to use their Chromebooks for gaming.

Field Trip Tuesday

Please be reminded that on Tuesday the 23rd of October students will be attending a field trip to the  Vietnamese Women’s Museum. We will leave school at 8.30, and plan to be back by 11.30. Please ensure your child has returned their permission slip. They will need a hat, a snack, a water bottle and suitable walking shoes.

Dinner Time Talk

  • What perspectives might your migration story include?
  • How has Vietnam changed since the arrival of migrants into the community?
  • What is another symbol used to show multiplication when doing algebra?
  • What math game did your G2 buddies teach you this week?

The week that was:

Week of 22nd of May, 2017


‘Step up Week’ is here for G5 students. Each G5 class will spend a day in middle school, following their G6 buddies around to classes and participating in general G6 curriculum and activities. This is also the time when G5 students get to tour MSHS and spend time asking questions to a carefully selected G6 panel of students. Both G5 & 6 teachers have worked towards making sure this is a productive and exciting time for G5 students. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

5A = Monday

5B = Tuesday

5D – Thursday

5C = Friday

Click here for the Middle School Parent presentation if you missed it.

We aren’t winding up to cross the finish line just yet?

G5 students are still working hard in lessons to ensure they gain the most out of the curriculum in the last few weeks of school. There are of course the odd distraction, but it is business as usual. We ask that you continue to support your child by asking them ‘what they have learned?’, ‘what goals have they set for themselves for next year?’ and ‘how has G5 changed their lives?’.

Grade 4 Market Day



Behind the Scenes

Often we walk around our environment with our heads full of our own stuff. Sometimes we notice the big changes, like a freshly painted building, creative art displays, new gardens or eco-friendly bike parking. Sometimes we notice when things are damaged or items are missing like water fountains, play equipment, and light fittings. But sometimes we don’t notice.

Today we wanted to celebrate the guys behind the scenes, our operations team. They can repeatedly be seen dragging, wheeling, hauling, lifting and carrying items back and forth for various shows, repairs, celebrations, and functions both big and small.

Today we wanted to say thank you to them. Thank you for making things happen. Thank you for your patience when orders for work to be done are often changed without notice. Thank you for always passing with a smile. Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes that isn’t noticed and lastly thank you for always trying to accommodate and come up with a solution that works. Today you are not behind the scene, today you are the focus.

Thank you.




Open Day For Grade 5 Parents

Grade 5 Open Day 


As has been previously shared with you at the Exhibition meeting and here on the Grade 5 blog before Spring break, please note thatWednesday 19th of April is a PYP Exhibition work day for your Grade 5 student.

On April 19th, in place of Student Led Conferences, Grade 5 would instead like to invite you to an open day to view your child in action as they prepare for their PYP Exhibition.

This is a PYP Exhibition work day/open day for Grade 5 Students only (8:10am2.30pm).

As this is an Open Day, you will not have to sign up. Simply turn up to your child’s Exhibition class and join in. Your child will take time away from their PYPX preparations to answer questions, explore other areas of their learning and share what they have accomplished.

We look forward to seeing you on this day.


Megan Brazil
on behalf of the Grade 5 Team

Week beginning the 13th of March

School Visit from Vinh Tien School

G5 students are hosting Vinh Tien School on Tuesday the 21st of March. The normal G5 timetable will be collapsed to allow students to mix and mingle with the students they met during the G5 Excursion. There are four rotations during the day at which students will collaborate, construct, create and communicate with each other. This is a unique opportunity for G5 students to share a day in the life of a student at an international school and demonstrate multicultural perspectives. It is also the first time G4 students will get to meet students from Vinh Tien school before their G5 Excursion in the new academic year.


Most students have met with their mentors and their driving questions for research are well on the way to being explored. The coming week will see students continue to develop concept questions from previous research or prior knowledge. Some students have been inspired and started taking action with various inquiries being made about starting up clubs or interest groups. As part of the Exhibition its self, students have been encouraged to create a design concept for the T-shirt students will wear during the Exhibition. The theme is based on the PYPX equation Passion + Issue = Action. Students need to have their design concepts ready for judging by Friday the 24th.


Come and celebrate learning by watching your child perform at the Performing Arts Celebration on the 30th of March at 5.30pm

A Sneek Peek into Classrooms this Week

Week beginning the 6th March

PYPX is well underway. Students have been working with their groups for a week now. As they work through the long list of things to do, their inquiries start to move forward at different rates. Remember to check the website to gain an understanding of what your child is doing throughout the exhibition process. Another important place to look is the “For Parents” tab, for helpful hints on how you can help your child during this process.

In mathematics, we are continuing to look at Geometry; shape, space, area, perimeter and angles. Response text (reflection) has been an important element for students over the past few weeks, as students will need to know how to reflect on their learning as they work towards their goal/s during PYPX. The Curriculum Update is a useful place to view what your child is doing in class.

What’s happened this week?

This is the video of grade 5 assembly about PYPX


Performing Arts Invitation

We cordially invite you to


Come and hear some uplifting music from ALL STUDENTS in GRADES FOUR AND FIVE this coming WED DECEMBER 7th in the Centre for the Arts Theatre.

Concert will begin at 5.30pm.

Students have been working extremely hard to present themselves and their musical learning.

We hope you enjoy the entertainment!

Ms Noor and Ms Sally, ES Music

End of Week 14 – November 18th

A short week for students this week, however, students have once again crammed lots of learning into their days.

Athletics afternoon was a huge success. Many thanks to the PE department for the organisational skills of superheroes’, and the volume of parents who joined us as spectators, side-line cheerers, and supporters. We were thrilled to see so many of our G5 students participating with enthusiasm, positive sportsmanship and peer encouragement. Congratulations to ‘Lion House’ for gaining the most points during this event.


G5 Electrical Sciences Showcase/ES Open classes. By now you should have received an email from your child’s homeroom teacher to advise you of the times you will be able to join your child in class. There isn’t a requirement to sign up for G5 sessions, however, if your child is in Ms Ronke’s or Ms Tina’s class, you will need to attend the Thursday session, as you child will be presenting their ‘Electrical Sciences Inquiry’. Students in Mr Daniel’s and Ms Angela’s classes will present on Friday. Check the email for more detail’s, or email your child’s homeroom teacher directly.

G4 & 5 Performing Arts Celebration.  Your child’s music teacher (Ms Sally or Ms Noor) sent an email and a paper notice home on Wednesday, inviting you to attend the G4 & 5 Performing Arts Celebration which is to be held on the 7th of December. Please read the email or notice for further information.

Thank YOU:

The G5 team would like to extend a personal thank you for all the ‘Teacher Appreciation’ gifts, cards and communications. The thoughts and messages were very much appreciated. It is truly an honour  to be part of your child’s educational journey.

Thank you.

This week in HR classes


  • ES Athletics afternoon, Tuesday the 15th of November 15, 12:30 – 2:30: Come along and show your support by joining in the Athletics afternoon fun.
  • Has your child got a reusable drink bottle?
  • With the colder weather upon us, please ensure your child is dressing for the weather and keep them at home if they are unwell. With the change in weather, we are noticing many children with coughs and sniffly noses.
  • No school for students on Monday the 14th of November. It is a professional development day for all UNIS faculty and staff.
  • The ES homework policy is currently under construction, however, this is a reminder that grade five students should be reading every night and accessing online mathematical tasks. It is important that students are developing a study routine to support their transition into middle school.
  • Sign-ups for the next round of ASA’s are due to be released next week, so keep an eye on your emails for exact timelines and options.
  • Security of all our UNIS students is extremely important, so if you are visiting your child at school, especially on the playground, please ensure you are wearing your UNIS ID. If, for any reason do not have your ID with you, please collect a visitor’s ID from the ES office. Teachers on duty don’t know all the ES parents and they would like to avoid offending anyone by asking them to leave the area.
  • Finally, students should not be at school before 7.50am and should leave school immediately after school or ASA’s. Some students, who walk or bike home are beginning to ‘hang out’ after school and as they are not being supervised, there is a concern that if there is an incident, no one will able to assist.

Many thanks from the Grade 5 Team