Week of May 8th

Transition Unit – Nurse Visits start next week

Here are the links to resources that are intended to guide conversations during this much-awaited Unit of Inquiry:
Wiki Resources for Parents
Nurse’s Slide
Our school nurse, Ms. Susan McComic, will begin her sessions with the students on May 15.

Also this week Mr Tom (Counselor) and Ms Michelle started to visit the Grade 5  classes as experts in the areas of transition and the responsible use of technology, as we move into the teenage years

When: Monday, May 15th
Time: Grades 2-3 are encouraged to arrive at 5:00 PM, grades 4-5 are encouraged to arrive at 6:00 PM (the evening will run like an open house with the flexibility available to come and go as families need to)
Location: Building 10, fine arts building
Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May at 6pm
Saturday 20th May Matinee at 2pm
Congratulations to all the Grade 5 students who will be performing.
Curriculum update for May and June.
Please click here.
Swim Meet and MAP tests!
A big congratulations to all of our wonderful Grade 5 students for their efforts at the Swim Meet and during the MAP tests. Have a well earned restful weekend.
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