Thank You Parents!

A huge thank you to all of our parents for supporting our very first Explorer Fair this afternoon. We weren’t sure how successful it was going to be or how the students would enjoy the experience, but from the huge smiles from everyone, we think we have a hit on our hands. It was so wonderful to see the parents listening to all the children present, asking questions and supporting all of our little learners.

We aim to have some pictures up tomorrow of the proud smiles of all, including teachers. It truly was an amazing event. If you have any feedback for us about your experience, please pass it on.

Please remember that Monday at 5 pm is the Elementary Art Opening for grades 2-5 in the Center for the Arts. And we are beginning a new PE unit next week.

Grade 2’s will be starting their trampoline unit in PE next week. It will be a chance for students to create sequences using shapes and movement whilst in the air. They will also work on being safe and being caring towards others.

Please, can they bring –
long sleeved t-shirt
long track-pants
to use as the bed of the trampoline can be abrasive. They do not need to wear these clothes to school and they can keep them in their classroom just for PE.

Yours in Health
PE dept


Thank you!

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