Peer Support Programmes

Helping Hands


Helping Hands is a programme that invites students in Grade 3 and 4 to volunteer one lunchtime per week to spend in the ECC, helping the younger children in the playground environment.

UNIS Hanoi

If you see a problem on the playground….

Sad children Angry children

Children arguing…

Your role is to help them solve the problem and help them feel safe.

If you see a problem or kids come to you and ask you to help them:

1. Introduce yourself

2. Ask them if they have told the person to stop

3. Help them to express themselves and solve the problem

Steps in Conflict Resolution:

1. Ask: Are you ready to talk about _______?” (with the person)

2. Give time think or cool down (but make sure that students know you will come back to them). Acknowledge the feelings of those who may be upset.
3. Ask: “What message would you like to share?”

4. Ask: “What should we do now?”

If it is a big problem and someone is very angry or hurt you must get a teacher straight away!

Remember, it is very important to:

  1. Be friendly and polite.
  2. Listen carefully.
  3. Do not take sides.
  4. Help kids find a solution to their problem.
  5. Help include other kids in games – especially if they look lonely.

When you help solve the problem:

Say: “Would you like me to help you with some strategies?”

Good Strategies to Try:

1. Say:  Would you like to have a chance to try again? (a do over)

Do over = getting the chance to re-do the situation with new information

(e.g. Changing tone of voice, asking a question, listening to others, sharing better)

2. Walk away and play somewhere else

3. Make a plan for taking turns or sharing

4. Let it go [let the problem go]. Decide to move on because it isn’t a big deal


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